Friday, November 15, 2013

It was bound to happen

Hi Everyone,

We interrupt our regularly scheduled post to bring you an update.

Call it odds, misaligned planets, bad luck or as I refer to it as, s#@t happens, it happened to us on the way to our show Sunday morning. You can not expect to spend every single weekend on the road and not be affected somehow. Ours was Sunday AM.

Rule #1  I have screamed it from the mountain tops and my friends think I am a bit crazy about this, but Toyota's save lives. It's the frame and impact beams they use. There was nothing left of the Pontiac that was in front of us. It crumpled and imploded and so did all the other cars involved. We only had front end damage and even the police thought we didn't have much compared to all the others.

Rule #2  Always have an accident during a procession of 350+ tow trucks doing their annual Towing for Tots benefit on the Interstate.

Rule #3  Always have said crash while riding next to two uniformed State Troopers on Harley Davidson motorcycles, leading said processional of tow trucks.

It was the most surreal happening, troopers pulled over, tow trucks pulled in front of and in back of the scene and protected the lane the crash was in, everyone jumped out of the vehicles and promptly went to work, sweeping the road clear of debris, checking on everyone's welfare and organizing things so that when the officials who were going to actually handle the accident scene arrived, everything was in place. Just amazing to watch it all transpire. The entire time you could hear them say, "just doing my job and as long as everyone is safe and okay, we're good." And nobody got paid a dime, it wasn't their call but they worked like it was.

I am very grateful to all of them for their professionalism, their care and their compassion. It made the sting of what happened a bit easier. Despite all of the bruises and scrapes, everyone walked away just fine.

Two hours late to our show, it was a very long day indeed.

And we are back on the road for next weekend at the find market event. You would think we would have learned our lesson! NOT !


the Muze

Thursday, October 31, 2013

Life's Priorities

Hi Everyone,

So sorry for the lengthy absence but I have a really plausible excuse. I almost worked to death, not joking at all. Forget just doing shows, oh no, we decided to add more.

Some of you know we were involved for six weeks in getting the new the find market event open in Plainfield IL and it was amazing to see all the great goods that the many vendors brought in. Everything all of us DIYers dream about, raw materials to create with. There were bins of ceiling tiles, fabrics, doors, fragments and so much more for sale and lest I should forget, 132 chairs. It seemed all of us brought chairs, a lot of chairs! But wait there's more! Beautiful vignettes, great stuff and wonderful ideas, you need to see this market.

Their next market is November 21 - 24, so if you are anywhere in the area, make plans on stopping in and checking it out. I have it on very good authority that they are planning on presenting 5 different Christmas themes, vintage red and green, industrial, rustic/primitive, black/white glitz and shabby chic. Can not wait to see this.

We are also personally in the downside of moving into a new home. Talk about lousy timing, we got it in spades. But we are making do the best we can.

The good news . . .

I got a creative space in the deal! 

For many of you who know me, know that for the last five years I have been creating everything handmade for All My Musings in a space no bigger than 2' x 5' shared with a lot of other functions, on a mat no larger than 18" x 24" if I was lucky and really neat about it, yea right! 

This is a partial view of my incredible 10' x 13' room with a huge window and no, I have not completely unpacked

and today when I was in there, I just needed to sit and create and these guys are going to Indianapolis this weekend with us 
new tags and bows, just little things that made me smile. It felt good to just work with new found tools and embellishments from moving everything. Kinda feels like creative alzheimer's, I had completely forgotten about some of these embellishments and was excited to use them. A good side to moving I guess.

So off to Indy on Friday, back to the beautiful Fountains building and then to Chicago next weekend for Lycee Francais 9th Annual French Market and then a couple of weeks later we are back at the find market event.

I had better get the rest of that mess organized toot sweet. Just too many priorities right now . . . 

the Muze

Friday, October 4, 2013

this just in

Hi Everyone,

This cool poster was just sent out by the wonderful folks at Lycee Francais for their 9th Annual Fall Festival.

So you will find all of our goodies in Chicago here at the school on November 8.

Can't wait!

the Muze

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

makes you go hmmmm . . . . .

Hi Everyone,

Just in from the last show at Allegan MI and it was fantastic on so many levels. The weather started out at 2 AM raining hard enough to make us think we were in trouble and on the drive in from the hotel about 5 AM it wasn't letting up. But about 8:30 or so, everything changed, cars were backed up about 8 blocks, back into town and that didn't stop until late afternoon. Allegan Antique Market was the place to be Sunday.

I laughed, I cried, I shopped.

I will try to get a picture of some of the magnificent goodies I came home with as well, that walk to the ladies room someday is really good! LOL!

On the way to MI while driving thru Indiana, I was so embarrassed to see this pick up truck pass us with Illinois plates.

I guess you can do just about anything with these new designer duck tape products including body work for your truck.
Notice the coordinating tape taillight cover as well.

The cute couple wearing matching cowboy hats are snuggled next to each other in the front seat completely unaware I am snapping pictures at 70MPH. Oh, the joy of being on the road.

Next up the find market event in Plainfield, IL. You have got to see this one in person, it is going to be just beautiful. So we are getting things ready for it.

We have been invited back to the Lycee Francais 9th Annual Fall French Market in Chicago in November so a lot of work is on the horizon.

Back to work,

the Muze

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Boo !

Hi Everyone,

Back from Midland MI just in time to repack the trailer and head to Allegan MI for the last show of the outdoor season. Why bother unpacking the suitcases?

I am so sad. We love the Allegan Market for so many reasons, great customers, best friends and overall just a wonderful time. And it's over for another year. Boo hoo hoo hoo . . . 

Speaking of boo, amazing transition here. My fellow vendor and friend Jennifer Mahoney came up with this fall's entrance to our last Midland show. She explained the concept and really delivered. 

I give you, industrial farm pumpkins

Leave it to those pesky industrial guys to put their wares all over the pumpkins, but everyone enjoyed them regardless.

So we say goodbye to the outdoors and hello to indoor shows starting with the find market event in Plainfield IL on October 17-20, 2013.

Remember I am giving away a free pair of passes to that market, all you have to do is like the Facebook page to enter and post it here in a comment.

See everyone in Allegan, sniff, sniff.

the Muze

Friday, September 20, 2013

Look out Midland and a great give away

Hi Everyone,

Been super busy getting ready for 3 markets in a row, some of our favs and a brand new one.

We leave in just a couple of hours for our huge Shabby Experience in Midland Michigan at the Michigan Antique and Collectible Festival held on the Midland County Fair Grounds. It is a HUGE, spectacular show that includes our now famous The Shabby Experience and Industrial Way pavilion with several new vendors and a lot of your best favorites that everyone has come to love. So if you are within shouting distance, come see us this weekend in Midland.

The following Sunday on the 29th, is our last Allegan Antique Show for the year, sniff, sniff. This is hands down one of our loves, from the incredible staff to the perfect location, we just love our customers at Allegan. Can not believe it is over for the year.

Then we are getting things ready for the new market in Illinois called the find market event. This is going to be unbelievable. All of the vendors that are there are blending their fabulous wares in vignettes so that you are shopping settings, not endless tables of wares. Can not wait to see this open! It is a market that has never been done on this scale in the Chicagoland area, over 7,000 square feet! Take a look . . .

And guess what? 

I also have a free pair of passes to this show to give away to one lucky reader! Isn't that great? 

So here's what you have to do.

Simply go to their Facebook page, like the find market event and then come back here and leave a comment and tell me you liked them. Easy peasy! Then Mamie the Wonder Cat and  I will pull a name next week after we get back from our first Michigan trip and one of you is going to get to take a friend and shop the new find market event.

I need to get some rest, on the road in five hours!


the Muze

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Soapbox Time

Hi Everyone,

Just a quick follow up note to the market experience in Indy last weekend. Fair warning I am on my soapbox!

The music festival we showed at, and I used that word cautiously, was actually held in a neighborhood called Broad Ripple. Unbelievably cool neighborhood with great restaurants and shops. The best part is that they are all INDEPENDENT BUSINESSES. 

Now the reason I make such a huge deal is independent business is what we are, we breathe, we promote. All of our fellow vendors are independent businesses so we are all in favor of it.

Recently a Whole Foods try to sneak into Broad Ripple and the residents took up a huge battle to keep a huge chain out. They already have two independent food stores and are thrilled with them, so no big stores are welcome.

Here is the slogan we saw everywhere, especially on T-shirts.

Sweet Angelique let me take her picture and I promised her I would write an article supporting Broad Ripple and all their wonderful INDEPENDENT merchants. Keep strong and keep going, we like you just the way you are. Yes, let's KEEP Broad Ripple LOCAL.

I will now step down off my soapbox,


Friday, September 6, 2013

Ups and Downs

Hey Everyone,

Sorry I have been missing for a while but things here are a bit hectic, still. Wedding work is taking up so much of our production time and we have had long road trips.

Just got back from Indianapolis and I am going to try to be nice but it was a disastrous show from the get go.

First it was hot. Oh so hot, heat index into the triple digits.

So hot, the tree fell apart.

In the middle of the show. Really? and we have to fix it at 1 PM in the middle of the show? Who's in charge here anyway?

So they shut down our tent, our aisle and basically our business. It got reallllll slow.

Even the dogs agreed, Lola couldn't bear the boredom so she went to sleep!
Lola just gave up across the aisle from us. If there had been more grass, I would have joined her!

So our new goodies that we previewed, went unnoticed. Like our new doily bunting
It is gorgeous in real life.

We also had a visiting vendor in our booth. Eleanor and Grayce is run by our dear friend and fellow vendor Sharri Anderson from Midland MI. She sent down a huge assortment of her gorgeous spoon necklaces. They are hand stamped with cool phrases and the handles have just single words, like breathe, inspire and one of my favs, fearless.

Also loved the fact they looked so cool just hanging off a couple of nails on the top of an old onion crate.

You can also see Sharri at our Michigan Antique and Collectible Festival in our spectacular Shabby Experience and Industrial Way pavilion, directly inside Gate 4 on September 21 and 22. She will also be a fellow vendor at the find market event in Plainfield Illinois on October 17.

So we are all busy making and preparing our wares for all of you to visit. 

Catch up soon,


Tuesday, August 13, 2013

With a little bit of love . . .

Hi Everyone,

As promised, I was able to grab a picture of the newest creation my DH was able to finish before our North Shore Flea visit.

A little bit of background first tho. I really wanted to incorporate these windows into something more permanent when I found out who they were and where they came from.

And so our window frame story begins . . .

In 1880, in Grand Rapids MI, Charles Sligh had a furniture company that made furniture from imported Honduran mahogany as well as walnut, gumwood and maple. His pieces were unique in style and finish like this streamlined dressing table.
 The Sligh Furniture Company stayed in business for a little more than 50 years and after they closed, the huge buildings left behind went on to host a myriad of businesses.

 Over the years parts of the buildings required serious maintenance and remodeling and even a few of them were demolished. Our windows came from one of the Grand Rapids buildings. Today, part of the remaining buildings are home to some of the coolest antique stores, industrial goods shops and more. If you are ever near 445 Century SW, Grand Rapids MI, stop by Lost and Found Antiques and Buckley & Douglas, the most amazing new industrial store ever! Tell Mark or DJ, Susan sent you.

So I present to you the newest version of a tiny piece of the famous Sligh Furniture building, our window frame flower box,
I can see red geraniums or bright colored petunias or even a herb garden. Just so many possibilities.

The cool thing is that some of these boxes are on a mission and I will tell you more about that once they move and get to their new home.


the Muze 

Saturday, August 10, 2013

A video to make you go Ah ha!

Hi Everyone,

Just a fast note to share a cool video that I received today from another artist. It makes you go hmmm.

There has been many a day when I know I should create but something or someone gets in the way. The longer you stay away from creating, the harder it is to get back to it. Ask any if us that do it for a living, it really is a sad truth.

So next time you find yourself in a slump pick one of these twenty nine ways to stay creative.


the Muze

Thursday, August 8, 2013

New lives

Hi Everyone,

Well, we are juggling more than ever, shows coming up, getting items made for the new venue, the find market event for October, custom orders and weddings. Then on Friday, I am training wild animals . . . not really but I feel I can do anything anyone throws at me at this point.

While treasure hunting in one of our warehouses, we came upon these guys.
Last year sometime, we got these windows from a fellow vendor , Hi Tom !, and was thrilled to find out they had been rescued from the Sleigh Furniture factory in Michigan. We got about 50 of them at the time and had forgotten that we set aside the ones that were broken or needed help. They are over 50 years old and in need of some serious TLC.

The thing with windows is they are like cats, they seriously have nine lives. While they may not be great for a building anymore, they are hugely popular with artists, beautiful for wedding settings, make great photo frames, room dividers, the list goes on and on.

These guys are going to become part of new flower boxes if my Chief Carpenter finds his tools this week. I also thought they might look really cool on the outside walls of the General Store at the find market event. So I have at least 3 ideas and I will probably have a couple with us this weekend at the North Shore Fleas market.

So stop in and take a little bit of history home wit you this weekend.

See you at the NSF

the Muze

Monday, August 5, 2013

garden rivals

Hi Everyone,

Currently we are up to our alligators in coffee bean bags, making them into double wine bags for a charity event happening soon. We were so honored when they asked us the design a bag and tag for their event and with all the other stuff going on, thought we had better get out ahead of this project.

So, I have been nose to the grindstone and had not being paying attention to Mom's gardens until this morning when I noticed the 'glories' as we call them in full regalia.
They are called gloriosa daisies not to be confused with black eyed Susan's. Don't ask how I know the difference please. It is a painful story! LOL!

This is another group that if you don't cull them in the spring, they call a blitz in the garden and pretty soon, they are all you have! Her patch this year is about 2' x 6' and there are more little groups.

Pictures coming this week of new stuff I promise,

Here's the road:

August 11  2013  - North Shore Flea, Highwood, IL 

August 25  2013  -  Allegan Antiques Market, Allegan County Fairgrounds, Allegan MI

August 31 - September 2  2013  -  Indie Arts and Vintage Marketplace with Warmfest at Broad Ripple Park, Indianapolis IN


the Muze

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

introducing two new Mr and Mrs's

Hi Everyone,

Back from a soggy Allegan Michigan trip, trying to dry out (again) and my Monday just got a whole lot better. Actually fantastic!

We have done a load of wedding items in the past few years, thousands of pieces and the one drawback is that I do not have action pictures from them. Out of respect for the couple, I will not post any pictures ahead of time just in case someone should see them so I have to rely on someone sending me just one picture to let me know how things turned out.

About a week ago there was a wedding in Michigan at a ski resort. It gave me some new opportunities to be a little more creative, ski lift anyone? just for starters. The couple, Pete and Mary Ann were not kids getting married and from the beginning were a joy to work with. Cool venue, mature adults and super agreeable with just about any suggestion I made and boy, did I make suggestions.

The weather for the few days before their wedding had been horrific, real hot, really humid and stormy. I held my breath until Sunday morning when it turned out to be a breathtaking gorgeous day, mild summer weather.

I sent a text to the bride Mary Ann on Sunday morning stating, "You are going to have beautiful day, enjoy every minute".

She replied , "Thank you! Just finished yoga and champagne! Can't wait"

You couldn't believe how  surprised I was when the next morning after the wedding I received this message, " It was perfect. Absolutely perfect". What a great text to receive, I was over the moon.

Somewhere in the back of my mind I was still secretly hoping to see what 'absolutely perfect' really meant and low and behold, that showed up today.

This morning I received an email from the new groom, Pete that read,

I just wanted to echo Mary Ann and tell you how happy and grateful we both were for all you did to make our wedding day magical.  I'm enclosing some iPhone and Facebook pictures that don't do your decorations justice but just to give you a flavor of the day.  We had so many people at Crystal Mountain tell us our wedding decorations are the best they've seen all year, and they were amazed at all the tables. everything turned out perfectly.

We'll be sure to get some professional photos to you when our photographer sends them to us..

It was a special and fun day and we really appreciate all you (and George, of course) did for us...

All the Best,
Pete & Mary Ann

It simply doesn't get any better than that, well almost because he did enclose a couple of great pictures.

Our newest Mr and Mrs banner is done with six different lace backgrounds but there is so much more on their bridal table. There is our burlap and lace runner, our mason jars for the floral centerpieces, our French marriage document and burlap silverware pockets, votive holders and the keys to a great marriage as well. That is what I see so far. I am hoping the new pictures will have even more detail.

But the cutest picture he sent, and by the way, isn't he just the sweetest thing to write his own thank you note? Just love the both of them, they were so cool to work with. Back to the cutest picture . . .

the other new Mr and Mrs, 

I present to you Mr and Mrs Peter Dow 
Love the expression on his face and isn't she stunning in that gown? Can not wait to see the rest of the pics.

It truly was a beautiful day and they made it more so. Thanks guys for including us and letting us know, we were thrilled everything was to quote 'absolutely perfect'.  You deserved it!


the Muze

Monday, July 29, 2013

beauty part deaux

Hi Everyone,

Funny thing about only being home a couple days at a time, you simply do not realize what an independent little bwitch Mother nature can be.

Case in point.

We use the back door to our home . . . a lot. Always caring newly made items from the house to the truck and trailer for transportation to a market. So not having gone out the front door in several weeks and not seeing it on a daily basis, boy was I surprised to see how the Echinacea plants had taken the rest of my flower beds hostage. 


This was a single plant. 
 I now have hundreds of plants and more than 10 feet of thick bed coverage. Uh oh . . .

They sure are beautiful, don't you agree?
Not to be out done, across the bed is a single Shasta daisy plant that is larger that Vermont
It goes on and on with beautiful heads all standing proud and tall in the sun
I can not fathom how much better they would be had I actually attended to the needs. 

God, I love perennials!

Allegan details coming soon,

the Muze

Sunday, July 28, 2013


Hi Everyone,

You know that old expression,'Take time to stop and smell the roses'? Well, that doesn't happen often enough around here.

Our schedule, especially summer months when there is a huge overlap in show schedules, doesn't give us a lot of free time. To be perfectly honest, it doesn't give us any free time. When we are home, for that 96 to 120 hour time period, it is jammed packed with prep work to replace items, create items, find new items and attend to other family matters. It is a huge juggling act some days.

I have often spoken about my Mom and spending my days with her. Sometimes if she is up to it we create together or she will help with detail work until she tires out and heads for a nap. All this takes place at the place where I grew up, our family home. I am so glad she is still there as it really grounds me to see things I grew up with. Our home has several garden areas that keep us in flowering beauty for all the seasons.

At this time of the year, my Mom and I disagree BIG TIME about a little perennial that I have loved my whole life, her tiger lilies. The irony is that I absolutely can not stand being in the same enclosed space with Easter lilies, stargazer lilies or any relation to them. But her tiger lilies are my weak spot. Must be that color thing that I am so drawn to.

For the past couple of years, Mom has tried to dig up her bed of lilies until I find out about it and put a stop to it. I am on a one person save-the-tiger-lily campaign.

The original bed was about 2' X 8', jammed packed with hundreds of plants. This is what has survived the massacre.
The crop this year has already received death threats and I fear when I return next week they may be gone, so I snapped some pics today. I saw the guy next door that does Mom's dirty work watching me. He must already have his orders.

They are just now coming in
And whatever you do, do not touch the brown stamens as they permanently mark whatever they touch. I have lost plenty of clothing over the years due to these little buggers.
The color and beauty is not even close in these pics. They are breathtaking gorgeous.
But I did get to spend a few quality minutes earlier today admiring their strength and perseverance to my Mom's wishes of elimination. 

It's the little things like this that remind us everyday about the natural beauty around us, everywhere we look. So remember to take the time to stop and appreciate it.

Hopefully I will get to see them again when we return from Michigan next week.

Until then,


the Muze

Friday, July 26, 2013

Sights from Midland

Hi Everyone,

Trying to recover from the more than interesting time in Midland last weekend before we head back up to Michigan again for our beloved Allegan Market. Lots of things to get ready and pack up for our customers waiting for us.

I did want to share a couple of fun things that we saw over the weekend. Yes, there were a few fun moments despite the weather woes.

First was a customer that was an artisan herself, not showing with us but she had the most interesting handmade skirt on.

This was the front
isn't that cool? It was from t shirts and my eye immediately caught the phrase 'Are you junk drunk'. What a great shirt let alone skirt.

this was the back
I just loved that phrase 'Michigan is handmade', too cool for a vendor to wear. She said a lot of people, regular folk as well as fellow vendors had stopped her and made comments and then there was me, 'Hi can I take a picture of your skirt'. Never a dull moment in our booth, no siree!

Another fellow vendor came to say hi to us and wherever she goes, her loyal and incredibly well behaved pal Binky goes with her. When Mom starts talking, Binky resigns herself to waiting patiently for Barb to finish, so she plopped her petite little self under my ironing board.
Isn't she adorable? She follows right along side of her Mom when walking, no leash, no wandering and then is patient while waiting.

I could not even fathom taking Jack and Ass anywhere like a market.

This was Lige watching for us to return back home, blinds be damned. Nope, they are definitely not market kitties. No way, not ever gonna happen.

Here's the next couple of weeks

July 28  2013  -  Allegan Antiques Market, Allegan County Fairgrounds, Allegan MI

August 10 2013  - North Shore Flea, Highwood, IL 

August 25  2013  -  Allegan Antiques Market, Allegan County Fairgrounds, Allegan MI

August 31 - September 2  2013  -  Indie Arts and Vintage Marketplace with Warmfest at Broad Ripple Park, Indianapolis IN



the Muze

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

The other side of things

(due to the electrical outage this post was delayed by several days)

Hi Everyone,

Things are more than interesting here in Midland today. The heat hadn't broken yet and we knew we were going to get some rain but were nowhere prepared for what actually happened.

Our drive in everyday, all 13 minutes is breathtakingly beautiful as NADA is literally located in the north wooded area of Midland. The brilliant pine trees make for a peaceful but very quick trip to the fairgrounds.

The winds had picked up to between 25 and 30 miles per hour after we got there and it was getting more and more difficult to keep our tents on the ground let alone right side up when all of a sudden we looked to the west and saw the most violent rolling black clouds moving incredibly fast towards the fairgrounds.

George grab a cart and headed for the trailer with all the paper and fabric goods and I started anchoring down the tents even more when all hell broke loose.

The news said we were hit by a microburst but it sure felt like a tornado to me. They reported 60 to 70 mile per hour winds. George and our friend Terry jumped inside our trailer and not 5 seconds later, this came crashing down where they were standing.
This thing would have killed both of them as that is exactly where they were standing before they decided the trailer was a better place to get into.

Meanwhile, I was trapped inside our tents pushing against the winds with all my might and in just 45 seconds when it was all over, came out to survey the damage. 

We were lucky. Some vendors lost everything. We got bombarded with tree branches and limbs but were still standing.
Such is the life of an outdoor vendor, we are just looking for a couple of great days with no wind and no rain and a whole lot less humid heat.

Yea, sure, that's gonna happen,



Wednesday, July 17, 2013

The luxury of our life

Hi Everyone,

After a very long and very hot and humid trip we have made our way up to Midland Michigan for the next 5 days or so. This is the middle show for the Michigan Anitique and Collectible Festival which means I am not producing The Shabby Experience and The Industrial Way pavilion. 

We will be a regular vendor here and making plans for our huge show in September when the pavilions return. A whole lot of planning goes into that show and we are right in the middle of it.

One of the things I look most forward to here in Midland is where we stay. The Northwood University in Midland runs a hospitality program at their school and run a very intimate, I mean very intimate 37 room hotel. The customer service is off the hook, every single employee is professional, courteous and knowledgeable. The rooms are wonderfully appointed and you never want for anything.

Especially if Taryn is on duty. Taryn is one of those individuals in life that will be hugely successful at what ever she chooses. I honestly believe she doesn't even know how to say no, to anything you ask for. It is always yes and she always delivers. Always. 

Today on our way here, I called the hotel to make sure we were all set for our stay and to make sure my deliveries made it safely. Whille on the phone, Taryn asked if I had remembered to bring my pillow from home. I laughed and said no and remembered what had happened during our last stay in June.

After a particularly grueling rain day, I couldn't get comfortable enough to go to sleep. I called the front desk to see if there were any other pillows available and little Miss Perfect showed up three times with pillow selections for my approval. The third time the pillow showed up with a steaming hot cup of chamomile tea. I am telling you this girl has got 'it'. In spades as the expression goes.

So after we checked in tonight to our home away from home for the next 6 days, here is what I first saw as we walked into the bedroom 
There were not one but two of the extra soft pillows plumped up on the bed and upon further examination
one of our postcards for our show this weekend. We started laughing at the details this young lady remembers. She is just amazing. Wonder if I could persuade her into moving to Illinois and working for us? 

Hmmm, I am going to have to see about that.

I am heading for a shower and trying out those pillows. I will post from the show set up.


the Muze

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

The answer is 2

The answer is 2.

Boy am I going to hear about this post, forever. Too bad, it made me laugh and that was a good thing!

Hi Everyone,

Back from a day of oppressive heat and sweltering humidity, our North Shore Flea was busy and packed. We saw a bunch of great customers we hadn't seen in a year or, so it was old home week as well.

But that heat, it was just awful. If you blinked your eyes, you sweat. Turn your head, sweat some more. It took for ever to pack up and and leave just cuz we were so tired and worn out from the heat

And from laughing.

We had the best time visiting with two of my dearest friends and fellow vendors Kathi and Annie from 3 Wrens. We joked around, sat and sweat together and just made the best of an incredibly tough weather day.

Then to top it all off, we got a great laugh in at the very end.

The question is . . .

How many 3 Wrens does it take to get one itty bitty little 10 X 10 tent back into it carrying case at the end of the day?

The answer is two, these two trying their darndest to get it in
We laughed so hard, Annie looks up and sees the DH snapping pictures and the threats start flying, "You had better not be taking pictured of my backside George", all the while I am snapping away on her other side. My answer would have been throw that thing in the car and hope it makes it home in one piece, who cares about a carrying case! ! ! 

Such an incredible fun day with them. Wish we had more and we just might get that wish come October as they are coming to the new market in the suburbs. I couldn't be happier.

Annie, thanks for the hours of bagging help in my tent and for sharing Mom as well. You girls are a hoot! We were honored that you drove in from Wisconsin to show with us.

We head to Midland MI this coming week to do their special 45th Anniversary show, complete with all sorts of celebrations. See you all there.

Here is the rest of the schedule,

July 20 - 21 2013 - Michigan Antique and Collectibles Festival, Midland MI

July 28  2013  -  Allegan Antiques Market, Allegan County Fairgrounds, Allegan MI

August 10 2013  - North Shore Flea, Highwood, IL 

August 25  2013  -  Allegan Antiques Market, Allegan County Fairgrounds, Allegan MI

August 31 - September 2  2013  -  Indie Arts and Vintage Marketplace with Warmfest at Broad Ripple Park, Indianapolis IN

See you soon,


the Muze

Sunday, July 14, 2013

take a memo . . . go to North Shore Flea TODAY! ! !

Hi Everyone,

Displaying all the new journals, shabby bags and this lovely item here in Highwood this AM . . . 
I was able to repurpose this incredibly gaudy memo board into a wonderful shabby accessory for an office, kitchen desk, bedroom, you name it. This beauty will go anywhere and be a heavy duty work horse for you.

The coffee bean bag fabric (Honduran coffee originally) is accented by heavy jute ribbons and topped off with soft chiffon roses. A perfect accent for anyone.

On display for only a short time,(positive thinking here) in our booth at the North Shore Flea, downtown Highwood IL from 9 to 5 today only. 

See you here! ! !


the Muze

Friday, July 12, 2013

being creative

Hi Everyone,

Things are really getting complicated here, what with all the wonderful shows scheduled, a ton of weddings taking place with our accents, the new market coming to Illinois and our everyday life, whew, I am tired just writing that. My friend Julie uses a spreadsheet, I think I need the whole Excel program to track it all.

One thing that happens when doing so many wedding orders is that it is more than repetitious. All 150 of this thing have to be identical and for someone who likes to plays with her B O S, all the cast aside pieces of everything, I get to chomping at the bit to just do something different.

Well, I escaped today. After cutting a couple hundred of our gorgeous lace covered burlap bows, I started playing with the end pieces I had accumulated.

This is where I ended up at. I cut several of these 'pouches' from the leftover pieces and found all sorts of beautiful embellishments to go with them.

Here is one of them
A cute piece with a muslin handle and sweet rose accent. I will try to capture a couple of others before they disappear this weekend at the flea.

Now it's back to our regularly schedule program for tonight, 200 pieces of another order. Such is the life of the bridal supplier! ! ! 

the Muze

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

meanwhile . . . back in New Jersey

Hi Everyone,

Now that all of our mentionables are finally drying out, I had a few minutes to recover some of the pictures of some of the things that have been going on here over the last month or so.

Back in June we were able to slip away for a couple of days to the East Coast for a half and half trip, partial business and partial getaway. 

It was divine, this was definitely before the strep incident.

One of the stops we made was Hoboken, New Jersey. I had read about the magnificent architecture at the Hoboken rail station. Back last year when hurricane Sandy went through the East coast, I remember reading about hard hit the station was hit. I really wanted to see for myself, hoping against all odds that it somehow survived.

It did. It is hurting pretty bad, but it survived.

This is a picture taken several years ago of the beautiful Tiffany glass ceiling in the main hall.
It's almost like a glorious ballroom. Today, there is no electric on the ground level yet and those shiny floors are quite dull from all the water damage. All the furniture has been removed and it is a huge open space.

I was able to shoot a close up of the beautiful pattern of the ceiling.
nothing like Tiffany in the world
 I had a chance to speak to one of the employees who told me what they have been going through, how bad it has been. Interesting note, they were only completely shut down for 3 days and once the water rescinded, they came right back to temporary housing of offices and started working back to full operations, which will be quite some time.

After we left the station my eye caught this fantastic site. Since one of our biggest parts of our business is our wonderful frames, with and without poultry netting, imagine how excited I got when I spotted this beauty . . .

This is the Right Angle Frame Shop on Washington and the entire window is framed out in one of the most beautiful frames we have ever seen. All we could do is stare and wonder how in the world we could get it back on the plane ! The store owner saw me snapping the picture so I went in and explained what we do and she was so pleasant and amused that we were in love with her huge beauty. I think it was about 7 foot by 7 foot, just unbelievable.

Our afternoon was made complete by a fantastic lunch at La Isla, a genuine Cuban spot also on Washington that was out of this world. Super staff, unbelievably great food and reasonable, what more could you ask for.

There was a ton of construction going on, condos and apartments going up everywhere you looked but I didn't see as many parking facilities being built. Someone needs to get on that pronto. Parking was a bear.

All and all it was a wonderful trip to Hoboken and we enjoyed it thoroughly, can't wait to go back and see the rebuilding after Sandy.

More from New York next post,

the Muze