Monday, July 29, 2013

beauty part deaux

Hi Everyone,

Funny thing about only being home a couple days at a time, you simply do not realize what an independent little bwitch Mother nature can be.

Case in point.

We use the back door to our home . . . a lot. Always caring newly made items from the house to the truck and trailer for transportation to a market. So not having gone out the front door in several weeks and not seeing it on a daily basis, boy was I surprised to see how the Echinacea plants had taken the rest of my flower beds hostage. 


This was a single plant. 
 I now have hundreds of plants and more than 10 feet of thick bed coverage. Uh oh . . .

They sure are beautiful, don't you agree?
Not to be out done, across the bed is a single Shasta daisy plant that is larger that Vermont
It goes on and on with beautiful heads all standing proud and tall in the sun
I can not fathom how much better they would be had I actually attended to the needs. 

God, I love perennials!

Allegan details coming soon,

the Muze

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  1. Your flowers are gorgeous! Our daisies are huge and ridiculous and have 5 times as many flowers this year. So are the hydrangaes, must have been that cooler and rainy start to the year. Love your echinacea!