Monday, July 8, 2013

News flash about NSF

Hi Everyone,

This is short and sweet but I am so excited about the North Shore Flea Market in Highwood this coming Sunday July 14th, I am about to burst

Why you might ask?

Because I just found out that two of my bestest friends are joining me.

Live from Grand Rapids Michigan, my buddy Mark Miller, Lost and Found Grand Rapids Michigan is coming down and oh my word look at what he's bringing . . .

Old olive jars, handmade farm table and Romanian dough bowls, serious drooling going on over here . . .

anyone need a great work cart / table or cool bins?

Also, joining me will be my sweet buddy Annie and her family family from 3 Wren Street from Wisconsin. Annie is the queen of cool vintage and just unique things. I am over the moon that they are sharing their great stuff with the market this Sunday. It will be so great to laugh with them all as well.

So make plans to come see us, this Sunday in beautiful downtown Highwood at the North Shore Flea from 9 - 5, we will be the noisy bunch outside, laughing and having a great time!

Or on the road . . . 

July  14  2013 - North Shore Flea,  428 Green Bay Road, Highwood IL

July 20 - 21 2013 - Michigan Antique and Collectibles Festival, Midland MI

July 28  2013  -  Allegan Antiques Market, Allegan County Fairgrounds, Allegan MI

See you at the flea!

the Muze


  1. You are just too sweet Susan! Can't wait to be your neighbor at the flea :D

  2. Kathi
    I am over the moon that all of you , including my very own stalker are joining us. This market is on the brink of being the next 'it' place to be on this weekend and sharing it without a few of my friends doesn't get any better.
    Remember wear Depends, me and Annie are being set loose on a whole bunch of unsuspecting souls, God help them all! ! !