Tuesday, November 1, 2011

still getting ready

Hi Everyone,

Our trip to Waukesha was wonderful this past weekend. We showed at the Waukesha Expo Market and we were amazed at the quality and the type of vendors we encountered. The best of collectible vendors were there with very good quality finds. So many types and cool things to look at, a very fun market to see.

This show is run by Jeff Herbert, who I have to admit is the most proactive, in your corner, go get-em' show organizer we have ever dealt with. Nice doesn't even come close to describing Jeff, he is just magnificent. He is careful about choosing vendors and as a result has the friendly, warmest and neatest vendors all in one space, a round space to be exact.

He hired a new caterer this year for his events and boy can they cook! The real homemade chicken noodle soup was delicious and the pulled pork sandwiches to die for. Such a welcome change from normal venue fast food vendors. We all know it's about the food during really long days.

So, we are back home and still creating for the big Holiday show in Morris on the 18th and 19th of November.

This involves making tags, boxes, wine bags and cards just to name a few of the many items we are going to offer this year.

We are also going to bring along a lot of our frames, only much smaller ones.

A lot of these are on easels for desk use.

They make great gifts, just in case you were wondering.

More pictures to follow, off to bed for now,

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