Thursday, October 31, 2013

Life's Priorities

Hi Everyone,

So sorry for the lengthy absence but I have a really plausible excuse. I almost worked to death, not joking at all. Forget just doing shows, oh no, we decided to add more.

Some of you know we were involved for six weeks in getting the new the find market event open in Plainfield IL and it was amazing to see all the great goods that the many vendors brought in. Everything all of us DIYers dream about, raw materials to create with. There were bins of ceiling tiles, fabrics, doors, fragments and so much more for sale and lest I should forget, 132 chairs. It seemed all of us brought chairs, a lot of chairs! But wait there's more! Beautiful vignettes, great stuff and wonderful ideas, you need to see this market.

Their next market is November 21 - 24, so if you are anywhere in the area, make plans on stopping in and checking it out. I have it on very good authority that they are planning on presenting 5 different Christmas themes, vintage red and green, industrial, rustic/primitive, black/white glitz and shabby chic. Can not wait to see this.

We are also personally in the downside of moving into a new home. Talk about lousy timing, we got it in spades. But we are making do the best we can.

The good news . . .

I got a creative space in the deal! 

For many of you who know me, know that for the last five years I have been creating everything handmade for All My Musings in a space no bigger than 2' x 5' shared with a lot of other functions, on a mat no larger than 18" x 24" if I was lucky and really neat about it, yea right! 

This is a partial view of my incredible 10' x 13' room with a huge window and no, I have not completely unpacked

and today when I was in there, I just needed to sit and create and these guys are going to Indianapolis this weekend with us 
new tags and bows, just little things that made me smile. It felt good to just work with new found tools and embellishments from moving everything. Kinda feels like creative alzheimer's, I had completely forgotten about some of these embellishments and was excited to use them. A good side to moving I guess.

So off to Indy on Friday, back to the beautiful Fountains building and then to Chicago next weekend for Lycee Francais 9th Annual French Market and then a couple of weeks later we are back at the find market event.

I had better get the rest of that mess organized toot sweet. Just too many priorities right now . . . 

the Muze

Friday, October 4, 2013

this just in

Hi Everyone,

This cool poster was just sent out by the wonderful folks at Lycee Francais for their 9th Annual Fall Festival.

So you will find all of our goodies in Chicago here at the school on November 8.

Can't wait!

the Muze

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

makes you go hmmmm . . . . .

Hi Everyone,

Just in from the last show at Allegan MI and it was fantastic on so many levels. The weather started out at 2 AM raining hard enough to make us think we were in trouble and on the drive in from the hotel about 5 AM it wasn't letting up. But about 8:30 or so, everything changed, cars were backed up about 8 blocks, back into town and that didn't stop until late afternoon. Allegan Antique Market was the place to be Sunday.

I laughed, I cried, I shopped.

I will try to get a picture of some of the magnificent goodies I came home with as well, that walk to the ladies room someday is really good! LOL!

On the way to MI while driving thru Indiana, I was so embarrassed to see this pick up truck pass us with Illinois plates.

I guess you can do just about anything with these new designer duck tape products including body work for your truck.
Notice the coordinating tape taillight cover as well.

The cute couple wearing matching cowboy hats are snuggled next to each other in the front seat completely unaware I am snapping pictures at 70MPH. Oh, the joy of being on the road.

Next up the find market event in Plainfield, IL. You have got to see this one in person, it is going to be just beautiful. So we are getting things ready for it.

We have been invited back to the Lycee Francais 9th Annual Fall French Market in Chicago in November so a lot of work is on the horizon.

Back to work,

the Muze