Tuesday, October 1, 2013

makes you go hmmmm . . . . .

Hi Everyone,

Just in from the last show at Allegan MI and it was fantastic on so many levels. The weather started out at 2 AM raining hard enough to make us think we were in trouble and on the drive in from the hotel about 5 AM it wasn't letting up. But about 8:30 or so, everything changed, cars were backed up about 8 blocks, back into town and that didn't stop until late afternoon. Allegan Antique Market was the place to be Sunday.

I laughed, I cried, I shopped.

I will try to get a picture of some of the magnificent goodies I came home with as well, that walk to the ladies room someday is really good! LOL!

On the way to MI while driving thru Indiana, I was so embarrassed to see this pick up truck pass us with Illinois plates.

I guess you can do just about anything with these new designer duck tape products including body work for your truck.
Notice the coordinating tape taillight cover as well.

The cute couple wearing matching cowboy hats are snuggled next to each other in the front seat completely unaware I am snapping pictures at 70MPH. Oh, the joy of being on the road.

Next up the find market event in Plainfield, IL. You have got to see this one in person, it is going to be just beautiful. So we are getting things ready for it.

We have been invited back to the Lycee Francais 9th Annual Fall French Market in Chicago in November so a lot of work is on the horizon.

Back to work,

the Muze

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