Friday, September 30, 2011

on the road again . . . still . . . .

Hi Everyone,

and I guess welcome. Boy, has this been a long and not so productive journey. Our website, is still not up and running (if you know a great and REASONABLE website site designer, call me !) and this is the next stepping stone to keeping in touch with all of you out there. So grab a cup of coffee or tea, here's where we are going . . .

We are on the road again, this will be the 19th weekend in a row. This weekend, October 2 we are going to visit the great folks in Cedarburg WI, for their Maxwell Street Flea Market. A little history on this event besides that it is just phenomenal ! The Fireman's Park where the event is held is located just north of historic downtown Cedarburg, population of about 12,000. There are over 1100 spaces available and everything from soup to nuts and us ! The proceeds over the past 45 years have funded the Cedarburg Fire Department and they have very up-to-date equipment and services without any cost to the taxpayers from what I understand. Attention Illinois . . . oh never mind, they wouldn't get it.

This event also has what most Wisconsin events offers, plenty of adult beverages. On our first visit, we observed folks walking around carrying 6 packs of 16 ounces Schlitz in cans, using the six pack holder as a wristlet corsage bracelet. But, as one resident said, 'Hey, it's Wisconsin, what else need I say ?' Cracks us up. But, not a foul word, no one acted out and everyone was in a great mood, sounds like a perfect venue to me.

So, pack up the trucks, we are headed back with new goodies in tow. We will be in the same space, 128, that would be halfway between the Cow Palace and the Grandstand, beer vendors at either end! and of course, lots of food, most importantly bratwurst.

Some of the new items in our little adventure this week will be our vintage boxes, available in 3 sizes, small, approx. 10" x 2 1/2", medium, approx. 11" x 3" and large, approx. 12" x 4 1/4". Great for accent pieces, gift giving or storing keepsakes in.

Here's a couple of pics . . .

This is the polka dot box, topped with stained gauze netting and sitting on glass white with black polka dot ball feet . . . this is medium size . . .

Next, this large size one has a vintage feel paper with crinkled stained gauze, an old wood fitting for a handle and the cutest camel bone feet ever!

look at that foot ! (I'm in love !)

I have designed about 7 of these, all different patterns and finishes, so far.

Also, I will be showing my new tags off, perfect for naked books, gift giving or a great accent as well, this is old rose . . .
Also, we have a full stock of both burlap cork boards and poultry netting boards ready as well to show, about 60 pieces, every size from 4" x 4" to 24" x 40", including a wire hexagonal, you should see George's hands from that one, sheesh!

We are headed to the one and only NA DA Farm next weekend, October 7th and 8th. Check here for details,, promises to be another unbelievable vintage event!
Off to create something . . .

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