Friday, July 26, 2013

Sights from Midland

Hi Everyone,

Trying to recover from the more than interesting time in Midland last weekend before we head back up to Michigan again for our beloved Allegan Market. Lots of things to get ready and pack up for our customers waiting for us.

I did want to share a couple of fun things that we saw over the weekend. Yes, there were a few fun moments despite the weather woes.

First was a customer that was an artisan herself, not showing with us but she had the most interesting handmade skirt on.

This was the front
isn't that cool? It was from t shirts and my eye immediately caught the phrase 'Are you junk drunk'. What a great shirt let alone skirt.

this was the back
I just loved that phrase 'Michigan is handmade', too cool for a vendor to wear. She said a lot of people, regular folk as well as fellow vendors had stopped her and made comments and then there was me, 'Hi can I take a picture of your skirt'. Never a dull moment in our booth, no siree!

Another fellow vendor came to say hi to us and wherever she goes, her loyal and incredibly well behaved pal Binky goes with her. When Mom starts talking, Binky resigns herself to waiting patiently for Barb to finish, so she plopped her petite little self under my ironing board.
Isn't she adorable? She follows right along side of her Mom when walking, no leash, no wandering and then is patient while waiting.

I could not even fathom taking Jack and Ass anywhere like a market.

This was Lige watching for us to return back home, blinds be damned. Nope, they are definitely not market kitties. No way, not ever gonna happen.

Here's the next couple of weeks

July 28  2013  -  Allegan Antiques Market, Allegan County Fairgrounds, Allegan MI

August 10 2013  - North Shore Flea, Highwood, IL 

August 25  2013  -  Allegan Antiques Market, Allegan County Fairgrounds, Allegan MI

August 31 - September 2  2013  -  Indie Arts and Vintage Marketplace with Warmfest at Broad Ripple Park, Indianapolis IN



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