Wednesday, July 10, 2013

meanwhile . . . back in New Jersey

Hi Everyone,

Now that all of our mentionables are finally drying out, I had a few minutes to recover some of the pictures of some of the things that have been going on here over the last month or so.

Back in June we were able to slip away for a couple of days to the East Coast for a half and half trip, partial business and partial getaway. 

It was divine, this was definitely before the strep incident.

One of the stops we made was Hoboken, New Jersey. I had read about the magnificent architecture at the Hoboken rail station. Back last year when hurricane Sandy went through the East coast, I remember reading about hard hit the station was hit. I really wanted to see for myself, hoping against all odds that it somehow survived.

It did. It is hurting pretty bad, but it survived.

This is a picture taken several years ago of the beautiful Tiffany glass ceiling in the main hall.
It's almost like a glorious ballroom. Today, there is no electric on the ground level yet and those shiny floors are quite dull from all the water damage. All the furniture has been removed and it is a huge open space.

I was able to shoot a close up of the beautiful pattern of the ceiling.
nothing like Tiffany in the world
 I had a chance to speak to one of the employees who told me what they have been going through, how bad it has been. Interesting note, they were only completely shut down for 3 days and once the water rescinded, they came right back to temporary housing of offices and started working back to full operations, which will be quite some time.

After we left the station my eye caught this fantastic site. Since one of our biggest parts of our business is our wonderful frames, with and without poultry netting, imagine how excited I got when I spotted this beauty . . .

This is the Right Angle Frame Shop on Washington and the entire window is framed out in one of the most beautiful frames we have ever seen. All we could do is stare and wonder how in the world we could get it back on the plane ! The store owner saw me snapping the picture so I went in and explained what we do and she was so pleasant and amused that we were in love with her huge beauty. I think it was about 7 foot by 7 foot, just unbelievable.

Our afternoon was made complete by a fantastic lunch at La Isla, a genuine Cuban spot also on Washington that was out of this world. Super staff, unbelievably great food and reasonable, what more could you ask for.

There was a ton of construction going on, condos and apartments going up everywhere you looked but I didn't see as many parking facilities being built. Someone needs to get on that pronto. Parking was a bear.

All and all it was a wonderful trip to Hoboken and we enjoyed it thoroughly, can't wait to go back and see the rebuilding after Sandy.

More from New York next post,

the Muze

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