Tuesday, July 30, 2013

introducing two new Mr and Mrs's

Hi Everyone,

Back from a soggy Allegan Michigan trip, trying to dry out (again) and my Monday just got a whole lot better. Actually fantastic!

We have done a load of wedding items in the past few years, thousands of pieces and the one drawback is that I do not have action pictures from them. Out of respect for the couple, I will not post any pictures ahead of time just in case someone should see them so I have to rely on someone sending me just one picture to let me know how things turned out.

About a week ago there was a wedding in Michigan at a ski resort. It gave me some new opportunities to be a little more creative, ski lift anyone? just for starters. The couple, Pete and Mary Ann were not kids getting married and from the beginning were a joy to work with. Cool venue, mature adults and super agreeable with just about any suggestion I made and boy, did I make suggestions.

The weather for the few days before their wedding had been horrific, real hot, really humid and stormy. I held my breath until Sunday morning when it turned out to be a breathtaking gorgeous day, mild summer weather.

I sent a text to the bride Mary Ann on Sunday morning stating, "You are going to have beautiful day, enjoy every minute".

She replied , "Thank you! Just finished yoga and champagne! Can't wait"

You couldn't believe how  surprised I was when the next morning after the wedding I received this message, " It was perfect. Absolutely perfect". What a great text to receive, I was over the moon.

Somewhere in the back of my mind I was still secretly hoping to see what 'absolutely perfect' really meant and low and behold, that showed up today.

This morning I received an email from the new groom, Pete that read,

I just wanted to echo Mary Ann and tell you how happy and grateful we both were for all you did to make our wedding day magical.  I'm enclosing some iPhone and Facebook pictures that don't do your decorations justice but just to give you a flavor of the day.  We had so many people at Crystal Mountain tell us our wedding decorations are the best they've seen all year, and they were amazed at all the tables. everything turned out perfectly.

We'll be sure to get some professional photos to you when our photographer sends them to us..

It was a special and fun day and we really appreciate all you (and George, of course) did for us...

All the Best,
Pete & Mary Ann

It simply doesn't get any better than that, well almost because he did enclose a couple of great pictures.

Our newest Mr and Mrs banner is done with six different lace backgrounds but there is so much more on their bridal table. There is our burlap and lace runner, our mason jars for the floral centerpieces, our French marriage document and burlap silverware pockets, votive holders and the keys to a great marriage as well. That is what I see so far. I am hoping the new pictures will have even more detail.

But the cutest picture he sent, and by the way, isn't he just the sweetest thing to write his own thank you note? Just love the both of them, they were so cool to work with. Back to the cutest picture . . .

the other new Mr and Mrs, 

I present to you Mr and Mrs Peter Dow 
Love the expression on his face and isn't she stunning in that gown? Can not wait to see the rest of the pics.

It truly was a beautiful day and they made it more so. Thanks guys for including us and letting us know, we were thrilled everything was to quote 'absolutely perfect'.  You deserved it!


the Muze


  1. When I read your post, it reminded me of I book I just finished "Beautiful Day" about a wedding. Love the photos.

  2. Hi Katie

    Funny, someone else just recommended that book as well, guess I need to find a copy. Now finding time to read right now is another matter . . .

    Thanks for commenting,


  3. what a great compliment! you are so talented :)

    good look at allegan tomorrow! (not that you need it)