Friday, July 12, 2013

being creative

Hi Everyone,

Things are really getting complicated here, what with all the wonderful shows scheduled, a ton of weddings taking place with our accents, the new market coming to Illinois and our everyday life, whew, I am tired just writing that. My friend Julie uses a spreadsheet, I think I need the whole Excel program to track it all.

One thing that happens when doing so many wedding orders is that it is more than repetitious. All 150 of this thing have to be identical and for someone who likes to plays with her B O S, all the cast aside pieces of everything, I get to chomping at the bit to just do something different.

Well, I escaped today. After cutting a couple hundred of our gorgeous lace covered burlap bows, I started playing with the end pieces I had accumulated.

This is where I ended up at. I cut several of these 'pouches' from the leftover pieces and found all sorts of beautiful embellishments to go with them.

Here is one of them
A cute piece with a muslin handle and sweet rose accent. I will try to capture a couple of others before they disappear this weekend at the flea.

Now it's back to our regularly schedule program for tonight, 200 pieces of another order. Such is the life of the bridal supplier! ! ! 

the Muze


  1. So cute. You know if we lived closer we would all come over and help you whip out a bazillion of your pieces . . . all for the cost of a delicious shredded pork sandwich, with coleslaw, of course! Love you!

  2. That is by far the best offer ever! We pass through your area next Wednesday and I am hoping to connect to give Victoria her own BOS !
    Want to run up and do Midland next week with us? Only 4 in our area and we would love to have you ? ? ? ?

  3. You amaze me Susan! Look forward to being neighbors on Sunday! Annie and I are manning the NSF.

  4. I'll bring the doughnuts, get there as early as you can. We will be there by 5:30AM.
    I am headed to bed now in preparation . . . LOL !