Wednesday, July 17, 2013

The luxury of our life

Hi Everyone,

After a very long and very hot and humid trip we have made our way up to Midland Michigan for the next 5 days or so. This is the middle show for the Michigan Anitique and Collectible Festival which means I am not producing The Shabby Experience and The Industrial Way pavilion. 

We will be a regular vendor here and making plans for our huge show in September when the pavilions return. A whole lot of planning goes into that show and we are right in the middle of it.

One of the things I look most forward to here in Midland is where we stay. The Northwood University in Midland runs a hospitality program at their school and run a very intimate, I mean very intimate 37 room hotel. The customer service is off the hook, every single employee is professional, courteous and knowledgeable. The rooms are wonderfully appointed and you never want for anything.

Especially if Taryn is on duty. Taryn is one of those individuals in life that will be hugely successful at what ever she chooses. I honestly believe she doesn't even know how to say no, to anything you ask for. It is always yes and she always delivers. Always. 

Today on our way here, I called the hotel to make sure we were all set for our stay and to make sure my deliveries made it safely. Whille on the phone, Taryn asked if I had remembered to bring my pillow from home. I laughed and said no and remembered what had happened during our last stay in June.

After a particularly grueling rain day, I couldn't get comfortable enough to go to sleep. I called the front desk to see if there were any other pillows available and little Miss Perfect showed up three times with pillow selections for my approval. The third time the pillow showed up with a steaming hot cup of chamomile tea. I am telling you this girl has got 'it'. In spades as the expression goes.

So after we checked in tonight to our home away from home for the next 6 days, here is what I first saw as we walked into the bedroom 
There were not one but two of the extra soft pillows plumped up on the bed and upon further examination
one of our postcards for our show this weekend. We started laughing at the details this young lady remembers. She is just amazing. Wonder if I could persuade her into moving to Illinois and working for us? 

Hmmm, I am going to have to see about that.

I am heading for a shower and trying out those pillows. I will post from the show set up.


the Muze

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