Wednesday, July 24, 2013

The other side of things

(due to the electrical outage this post was delayed by several days)

Hi Everyone,

Things are more than interesting here in Midland today. The heat hadn't broken yet and we knew we were going to get some rain but were nowhere prepared for what actually happened.

Our drive in everyday, all 13 minutes is breathtakingly beautiful as NADA is literally located in the north wooded area of Midland. The brilliant pine trees make for a peaceful but very quick trip to the fairgrounds.

The winds had picked up to between 25 and 30 miles per hour after we got there and it was getting more and more difficult to keep our tents on the ground let alone right side up when all of a sudden we looked to the west and saw the most violent rolling black clouds moving incredibly fast towards the fairgrounds.

George grab a cart and headed for the trailer with all the paper and fabric goods and I started anchoring down the tents even more when all hell broke loose.

The news said we were hit by a microburst but it sure felt like a tornado to me. They reported 60 to 70 mile per hour winds. George and our friend Terry jumped inside our trailer and not 5 seconds later, this came crashing down where they were standing.
This thing would have killed both of them as that is exactly where they were standing before they decided the trailer was a better place to get into.

Meanwhile, I was trapped inside our tents pushing against the winds with all my might and in just 45 seconds when it was all over, came out to survey the damage. 

We were lucky. Some vendors lost everything. We got bombarded with tree branches and limbs but were still standing.
Such is the life of an outdoor vendor, we are just looking for a couple of great days with no wind and no rain and a whole lot less humid heat.

Yea, sure, that's gonna happen,



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  1. Hi Suz... thank you for your sweet note! What a great business you have! Looked at your schedule but doesn't look like you are coming to mine soon. Please let me know if you do. Thanks for the tip on Polka Dot Bride - great blog. I am your newest follower. Scary experience with that microburst! Glad you're ok...