Sunday, July 7, 2013

Indy = Rain

Hi Everyone,

If you have followed along here for anytime, you are well aware of the running joke about our doing the Indianapolis show, Indie Arts and Vintage Marketplace and the fact that hands down, for two years running, the outdoor shows have the worse weather record EVER known to mankind. Ever, anywhere.

Saturday was no exception.

When we woke up at o'dark thirty, approximately 3:45 AM, it was misting rain. This did not come as a surprise and had it been any other market anywhere else in the world, we would have called off and said, "NO, can't take the chance in bringing all our paper and fabric goodies out today."

But, this is Indy. And Indy is different. 

We have trained these poor folks into thinking that a little bad weather is so worth coming out to see us that they do, REGARDLESS of weather.

This is not an exaggeration. Last month, it was tornado warnings. Last year it was hurricane weather and a tornado and they still shopped. Doesn't matter they come out to see us.

So we have to show up.

Soaking wet, hotter than you know what because it is now sooo humid you could proof bread in our booth!, but we are there and so are they.

On a good day anywhere else in the country this is what we look like
 Burlap and lace panels grace the walls, people coming and going, a really nice setting.

This is the top of our tent Saturday
See those huge raindrops at the top of the tent face? They and about a million others stayed with us all day long.

And so did the customers
See how covered up the tents in front of us are. Normally we can see our neighbors. Not Saturday. We did see umbrellas in every shape, size and color tho.

Thank you Indy for being such dedicated customers and braving the weather every single month. We will be there, slightly soggy, but we will be there. 

I'm the one that squishes when she walks.

Later, after I dry out, sometime next week,

the Muze

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