Tuesday, August 13, 2013

With a little bit of love . . .

Hi Everyone,

As promised, I was able to grab a picture of the newest creation my DH was able to finish before our North Shore Flea visit.

A little bit of background first tho. I really wanted to incorporate these windows into something more permanent when I found out who they were and where they came from.

And so our window frame story begins . . .

In 1880, in Grand Rapids MI, Charles Sligh had a furniture company that made furniture from imported Honduran mahogany as well as walnut, gumwood and maple. His pieces were unique in style and finish like this streamlined dressing table.
 The Sligh Furniture Company stayed in business for a little more than 50 years and after they closed, the huge buildings left behind went on to host a myriad of businesses.

 Over the years parts of the buildings required serious maintenance and remodeling and even a few of them were demolished. Our windows came from one of the Grand Rapids buildings. Today, part of the remaining buildings are home to some of the coolest antique stores, industrial goods shops and more. If you are ever near 445 Century SW, Grand Rapids MI, stop by Lost and Found Antiques and Buckley & Douglas, the most amazing new industrial store ever! Tell Mark or DJ, Susan sent you.

So I present to you the newest version of a tiny piece of the famous Sligh Furniture building, our window frame flower box,
I can see red geraniums or bright colored petunias or even a herb garden. Just so many possibilities.

The cool thing is that some of these boxes are on a mission and I will tell you more about that once they move and get to their new home.


the Muze 

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