Thursday, August 8, 2013

New lives

Hi Everyone,

Well, we are juggling more than ever, shows coming up, getting items made for the new venue, the find market event for October, custom orders and weddings. Then on Friday, I am training wild animals . . . not really but I feel I can do anything anyone throws at me at this point.

While treasure hunting in one of our warehouses, we came upon these guys.
Last year sometime, we got these windows from a fellow vendor , Hi Tom !, and was thrilled to find out they had been rescued from the Sleigh Furniture factory in Michigan. We got about 50 of them at the time and had forgotten that we set aside the ones that were broken or needed help. They are over 50 years old and in need of some serious TLC.

The thing with windows is they are like cats, they seriously have nine lives. While they may not be great for a building anymore, they are hugely popular with artists, beautiful for wedding settings, make great photo frames, room dividers, the list goes on and on.

These guys are going to become part of new flower boxes if my Chief Carpenter finds his tools this week. I also thought they might look really cool on the outside walls of the General Store at the find market event. So I have at least 3 ideas and I will probably have a couple with us this weekend at the North Shore Fleas market.

So stop in and take a little bit of history home wit you this weekend.

See you at the NSF

the Muze


  1. I have one hanging on my bedroom wall with a wreath made of pink peonies on it. Looks really good. I'd post a picture here but don't know how!!
    Jean in Wisconsin
    I met you at Hawthorne Hill Farm!

  2. Hi Jean

    Thank you so much for stopping by and saying hi. I really miss all of you in Wisconcin as we haven't had a chance to get back up there this year.

    If you figure out how to post I would love to see your frame. It sounds lovely and perfect for repurposing s good piece into something new.

    Thank you so much for sharing,