Friday, September 6, 2013

Ups and Downs

Hey Everyone,

Sorry I have been missing for a while but things here are a bit hectic, still. Wedding work is taking up so much of our production time and we have had long road trips.

Just got back from Indianapolis and I am going to try to be nice but it was a disastrous show from the get go.

First it was hot. Oh so hot, heat index into the triple digits.

So hot, the tree fell apart.

In the middle of the show. Really? and we have to fix it at 1 PM in the middle of the show? Who's in charge here anyway?

So they shut down our tent, our aisle and basically our business. It got reallllll slow.

Even the dogs agreed, Lola couldn't bear the boredom so she went to sleep!
Lola just gave up across the aisle from us. If there had been more grass, I would have joined her!

So our new goodies that we previewed, went unnoticed. Like our new doily bunting
It is gorgeous in real life.

We also had a visiting vendor in our booth. Eleanor and Grayce is run by our dear friend and fellow vendor Sharri Anderson from Midland MI. She sent down a huge assortment of her gorgeous spoon necklaces. They are hand stamped with cool phrases and the handles have just single words, like breathe, inspire and one of my favs, fearless.

Also loved the fact they looked so cool just hanging off a couple of nails on the top of an old onion crate.

You can also see Sharri at our Michigan Antique and Collectible Festival in our spectacular Shabby Experience and Industrial Way pavilion, directly inside Gate 4 on September 21 and 22. She will also be a fellow vendor at the find market event in Plainfield Illinois on October 17.

So we are all busy making and preparing our wares for all of you to visit. 

Catch up soon,


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