Sunday, January 27, 2013

Congrats Jon Jensen !

Hi Everyone,

It is very late Saturday evening and I am trying to unwind after the most grueling show day we have experienced in a long time. And I needed a good laugh. Looking at these nuts makes me smile big time.

For months, you have heard stories about how 'interesting' showing at the Indy Vintage and Arts Market has been. We had absolutely the worst weather all summer long yet the show continued grow, customers came out in droves and it ended up being a great venue all summer.

The show is organized by Jon Jensen, a true visionary in the market field and he is just amazing at accomplishing the impossible. Not that he goes looking for it, it just shows up every single time at Indy. Kinda' like a bad relative, you just deal with it.

All of us were thrilled that Jon found an indoor place to keep the Indy Market going during the winter months and our November show was just great.

Today was our second date for the gathering. The original plan was that we could start setting  up inside the building on Friday nite from 7 PM til 9 PM and then finish our set ups from 7 AM til 10 AM on Saturday morning, with the show starting at 10 AM. That sounded great.

So we all packed up our trucks, trailers, vans and cars and braved winds, ice and snow and made it to Indianapolis about 6:45 PM Friday nite.

At 7 PM, we were informed that the previous group meeting in the building was supposed to have left at 5 PM, giving Jon and his staff plenty of time to get ready for us.

Well apparently, the group(we won't let Verizon think we knew who was responsible) didn't finish up until 6:40 PM and only then could Jon and his staff start the room set up.

Uh oh. This isn't good on so many levels.

Hence the picture above. Some of my goofy vendor friends wishing we could get in and start setting up. We were all trying to laugh and joke about time slipping away and we were just standing around waiting.

And waiting. And telling jokes and horror stories about daily life as a vendor. Can we all say Naptha? Inside joke.

And then we were let in. People were moving at the speed of sound, even tho we lost a whole lot of time, the building staff was adamant about us leaving at 9 PM. Wait we're not set up yet ! Yikes.

So early this morning we all showed up again, worked like fiends and got ready before 10 AM.

Jon Jensen works tirelessly to promote this event and for this show he had gotten the local paper to do a feature article on us and how cool this market is. We all read it and thought, wow, let's hope that a few folks read it and come out to see us, especially seeing how we had jumped through many a hoop to get a great looking show put together, despite all the hurdles.

Not only were our prayers answered, they were beyond anything any of us expected. From 10 AM on, the place was jammed packed, shoulder to shoulder folks and merchandise was flying out of everyone's booths. It was amazing. Early guesses are that we doubled November crowds. Unbelievable.

It was so busy that none of us had much time to keep up with straightening and display work. My poor coffee bean bag display is usually nice and straight on its cart and this is what it looked like most of the day.

Half on, half off and it needed to be refilled twice! All the new folks that showed up today apparently had never seen such cool coffee bean bags we discovered and insisted on going through them, fighting over them and taking huge quantities home with them. This poor thing never stood a chance against the masses, LOL!

The day flew by, not much socializing got done but we all agreed it was one fantastic show.

Jon, Lisa and Laurel worked their magic and turned some pretty big obstacles into huge blessings for all of us. In case you didn't get enough of us saying it earlier folks, THANK YOU for a great event and we can't wait to do it again in March. Note to staff: Maybe just a bit less drama tho? What do you think?

I have said it before and I will keep saying it, this is truly a great show to shop or show at and am so grateful that we get to show here.

Just wish I could have shopped today  . . . darn ! Saw some incredible pieces being carried out.

Now on to the Indie Wed show in Chicago next weekend. Lots to do, including making a whole new display. I will try to get pictures of it to post.

Until then, I am going to be a bit busy,

the Muze

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