Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Those Fabulous Gryzbowski Boys

Hi Everyone,

Here's a  little more about Grand Rapids and what it took to make all of it happen.

When Michelle and Brian from Re-Imagined for You said we could show a few pieces of theirs, the best part was what 'extras' they included. They have a self contained moving force that comes with their furniture and accent pieces. I can only dream . . . 

When I first met all of them back last summer, I was so impressed on how they did their set up. The truck pulls into their area, the back opens, a chair comes out for Michelle and she sits down with her pre-done diagram and directs them as to how to do the setup as the pieces come off the truck. They fill about a 30' X 40' at Allegan every show and everyone pitches in to make it work. When the show is over, whatever is left, if anything, Dad helps direct the repack and again it goes like clock work. And then they are gone, just like it never happened at all. And we are talking about a lot of furniture involved.

If you remember from back in October when the entire G clan drove over to Hastings to help us load in and load out, I had mentioned then how great they were. This past weekend they were in top form again. Ah, youth. We had the privilege of having these three.

Meet some of the fabulous Gryzbowski boys, numbers 2,3, & 4 I believe out of the 1-9 of all of the young people.

These handsome lads are from left to right, Isaiah, Luke and Josiah Gryzbowski. I am hoping I have all the names correct, please forgive if I messed up yet again. The make hurricane Andrew look like a gentle spring rain. I am not joking. There is no discussing what will be done, no plotting how to do anything, just pure doing it. Just stay out of the way. They can safely and cautiously move furniture, boxes, ladders, crates, you name it, in a matter of minutes. They are a force to be reckoned with. Respectful, polite and courteous, they have it all. Oh and did I mention a wicked sense of humor to boot? They kept me on my toes.

It was almost impossible to have things ready to transport they moved so quickly and having their younger sister Victoria helping me get things ready and packed up for them, helped out  tremendously. We were out and done in record time. I want to borrow them on a regular basis. Dead serious about that.

I wrote their Mom Michelle this morning and told her what a joy is was to have them around and sincerely meant it. We laughed, joked and worked, really hard, really quick and really efficient.

It simply doesn't get any better than this, and for that, I am truly grateful to them.

Til later,

the Muzeeet 


  1. LOL what fun to read this this morning. Especially the part about me sitting and directing.

    Okay, so it is Luke (#2) JOSHUA (#3) and Isaac (#5) Just kidding, it is Isaiah! You got that one right. LOL


  2. Oh Michelle

    Please apologize AGAIN to Joshua for me. Will there ever be a single day that I get all of them correct? They will dread seeing me in the future knowing I will mess up someone! ! ! ! LOL !

    Please call me, I have news about something big!