Tuesday, January 8, 2013

With a little help from my friends

Hi Everyone,

Welcome back to as least part two of the Michigan show.

I didn't mention that when I first listed this event it was called the Grand Rapids Antique Market and when the show opened on Saturday, it's name had changed.

For the better, I might add.

Let's hear it for updating the show by changing it's name to the Vintage Life Expo. Yea! Good going Cecily.

About two weeks before this show, I got a phnoe call from the promoter, Cecily the Magnificent and she was wondering if we could 'spread' a little when we set up.

This happens to us a lot. Either someone cancels or they change the floor plan, they have some extra space and heavens knows that's a bad thing for a promoter at the last minute. Blank empty space at a show, not good at all. Spreading for some dealers is a piece of cake. For us, it's not. We are pretty static with our fixtures so spreading another ten feet or so is a real challenge. 


Remember how I said we were going to get to see our friends, Brian and Michelle? Well I called Michelle and said 'Congrats, you have just won a chance to show some of your wonderful things right next to me if you like, since you and you items are only a few minutes away."

They said yes, thank goodness and came in on Friday with us and we set up a gorgeous booth, if I have to say so myself. Take a look. Yes, I figured out the YouTube thing. Will miracles ever cease?  LOL ! ! !  There is also a sneak peak at the fabulous Amy from  Butterbean Antiques, our friend and neighbor. It was a killer aisle as many of the customers said the same thing to us.

All My Musings at The Vintage Life Expo 

Most of the signs, accent pieces and that fabulous chest in the front of Michelle's all sold on Saturday and they made a special trip in to restock for Sunday. Victoria's hand sewn messenger bags disappeared as well. It was great.

It is always amazing how each show takes on a different appearance with each venue and how it changes again in just a few hours.

Back tomorrow with Brian B cup. You will love this one, I promise.

the Muze


  1. Oh, we love to hear the words "can you spread out a little". Can't wait to see the pictures but either I am blind- entirely possible- or the you tube link is not coming until tomorrow. Can't wait to see, it sounds like a great show.

  2. Never mind, I found it back at the email :D What a gorgeous display!!! Love your neighbors too. Thanks for sharing, I am inspired.

    1. Kathi
      You are too kind. Thank you for taking a second look!

  3. You are as lovely as all your creations. It was great to see you in Grand Rapids. I look forward to seeing you again. Thank you for the kind words in your previous post.


    1. Ms Kathleen

      It was a real thrill to see you in GR and can't wait til we are all back outdoors at Allegan this summer. I will look forward to seeing you then.

      Take care,