Tuesday, January 1, 2013

New Everything for 2013

Good 2013 Morning Everyone,

I read somewhere, in the past couple of days on a blog I can not remember, oops!, where the writer looked at January 1 2013 as a first page in a brand new book she has yet to write or as I saw it, yet to live and fully experience.

2012 was an incredible year in so many ways, some really good and some really bad for us personally. After DH's heart attack in Oct, our whole world changed drastically. So, we are looking for a really good 2013 as Lord knows we have seen enough bad in 2012, personally and globally.

We are busy working on the Grand Rapids show here, still, and looking forward to seeing some of our friends, a couple of outstanding ones we met in 2012. 

You remember the Gryzbowski family? Those heavenly souls that drove an hour to help us set up for show they weren't even in when George was ill. Well, we are actually going to visit with them and their wonderful barn where Michelle creates all of her beautiful pieces for Re-Imagined For You. Michelle, we can't wait to get there and see everyone. I am practicing the names every days so as not to forget anyone.

If everything lines up correctly (there's a bet I wouldn't put money on) we are also headed to visit one of my favorite antique  / industrial / vintage stores in GR, Lost and Found. 

Lost and Found is owned by my wonderful friends Mark and Christian and it is truly a step above your ordinary antique shop. If you live in the US, you need to visit. Mark is a true visionary in his field, always seeing something more in a piece than the normal eye. He brings the coolest things to a show, always something new and cutting edge and you couldn't ask for a kinder, more fun soul. He will be at the GR show as well.

As for us, we will be bring all the new creations I have been working on, including these new pins.

A new gauze rose with pearl and rhinestone center
Each one has a different look as this fabric takes on new appearances each time you work it up.

Then I added laces to the gauze and came up with this beauty
I can see these on purses, bags and books. Hopefully others will too ! LOL One can always hope.

I would also like to take a minute and acknowledge my friend Kathi, who has sent the most comments on this blog in the past year. She and her family are 3 Wrens Street, All Things White and The Dancing Wren. Can we say busy ladies(and gent, sorry Dad!)? But Kathi takes the time to comment quite frequently and I am truly touched by her generosity. Thank you Kathi, you have spread sunshine here many a day.

We are looking forward to new adventures, new friends and new challenges this year as we start traveling this week. Hopefully the road will be as entertaining as usual and it will be a good business year and a great personal year.

See everyone this weekend,

the Muze


  1. love the flowers and love the new jars!!! keep up the great work- thanks for the shout out :)

    1. Keeping my fingers crossed to see you in February. Thanks for always being there for me !

  2. thanks so much Susan, your posts are always comment worthy :D appreciate you sharing our links and hope you get to see your very favorite shop

    1. George says thanks for enabling me ! L O L
      Hope all of you have great 2013.