Wednesday, January 16, 2013


Hi Everyone,

O T stands for off topic, or the way I conduct my daily life sometimes I swear. You just deal with whatever comes your way.

Winter has finally arrived somewhat here, really bitter cold at night but no snow as of yet. My Mom has a daily quip about the farmers being in a lot of trouble come Spring. Yes I agree. As long as it is not on a show weekend. Over and out. My off show time is furiously getting ready for Indianapolis and then our Indie Wed show in Chicago. Here comes the Bride and the Groom and anyone else that wants to get involved.

The last few days has also served as a reminder as to why I love what I do so much. The phone lines and emails are flying back and forth from several of our vendor associates and promoters and we are all working so hard to build the business and each others businesses at the same time. I am so proud to call them friends as well as business associates. They make me laugh, share their stories and encourage me when I need it the most. I only hope I do the same for them. This whole thing wouldn't be near what it is without them in it. I just love and respect them so much.

I am also cooking up a storm. And looking at food blogs. Mmmmm, look what I found today . . .
 Just felt like I needed to share.

Back to work, new wedding things about ready to make their public debut. Stay tuned please.

the Muze

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