Sunday, February 3, 2013

Yin and Yang

Hi Everyone,

It has definitely been the week from heck, the last 96 lours or so are just a snowy blur with a couple of highlights. But, that's what always makes it worthwhile.

The first highlight was the sweetest thank you note I received out of the blue. Weekend before last was in Carmel IN, a super busier than usual show and the usual hoards of shoppers were present in our booth. So much so, I held most of my conversations from behind the ironing board/desk, basically because I simply couldn't get out from behind the ironing board/desk! Now most of you know that is not okay with me, I love getting out and meeting face to face with all of you.

So imagine my surprise when I received the following email from a name I didn't recognize at first:


I was at Saturday's show in Carmel, Indiana and your booth was my favorite!  I bought several vintage white frames and I am having fun trying to decide how I want to arrange them.  You were very busy, yet you took the time to talk to me!

Thank you,

I particularly love the "your booth was my favorite" part, as a vendor can never hear that enough, trust me. But it is so nice when someone speaks up to say something. So whether I say that to you at the booth when you see us or not, know that I treasure your saying it more than you will ever know. Thank you Julie, your note made me smile and I am glad you likes your frames.

So that little bump kept me going forward towards the 1200 brides-to-be for Saturday at Indie Wed. Boy, did I need it.

Not all of the 'staff' here got the rush and importance level of getting ready for the show. Here is what is going on at George's workspace for all the jewelry boards we needed to get made. 

Notice the wire right next to him, yes he is in the middle of the construction area for a belly rub. What you don't see or hear is the electric staple gun going off when this was taken. he was perfectly fine with all that.  I need to crack down on employee perks here. Lige certainly is on my list.

The real push was to get all the new items made, the cool silverware pouches, new lace and burlap pew bows, beautiful chair covers and my favorite, our brooch bouquet.
I need get the handle photographed with it's burlap wrap and glitter dewdrop accents. Just stunning and it went over really well with the brides.

Here's what it looked like all together

The biggest obstacle tho ended up being the space. That damned 6 X 6 impossible space. Who can do anything with a space that size?

Reconfiguring our sellable bridal wares down to a 6' X 6" booth was hard enough but the frosting on the cake was our neighbor behind our spot. A florist who decided on 6 shades of hot pink netting as a backdrop. Seriously, hot pink?

Yes, hot pink, 8 foot high . . . kinda adds a glow to the area . . .

It was there from the get go but from the huge amount of traffic and business we got, it seemed that it bothered me more than anyone else. Especially not the neighbors next door, they just yoga-ed their way through.
But the absolute best part of the event was making not one but three of my bridal clients tear up when they got to see their new creations for their big day. Words just can't capture how cool you feel when they 'get it'. It nice to know it was worth all the long hours and lack of sleep.

(Written by the person who got in a four hour nap today because I could. Ha! I am feeling a little spunky after almost dead yesterday.)

This will not last too long.

I will post our schedule next week but be advised NA DA just posted their sale dates as May 17 &18. Yep, Spring is right around the corner and we will be out at the barn. Whoo Hoo!


the Muze

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