Tuesday, February 19, 2013

'running' everywhere

Hi Everyone,

This has been an interesting few days between bridal shows and actually working on bridal orders. Pale pink pearls, burlap, laces and jute are covering my desk right now making for a wonderful creativing event in front of me.

With the Michigan wedding coming up, the bride and groom are adventurous and are letting me have some fun with all of the elements we are preparing for them.

One of the items I am so madly in love with is a HUGE collection of individually designed votives for every table. It has been fun collecting ever scrap of lace, jute, jewels, pearls and trims and just being creative. None of the votives will be the same and I am amazed at how many things you can come up with!

I sent this picture to the bride as an example and she replied, 'Love them!', that pretty much made my day. I am so easy with things like that. 4 down and about 80 to go . . . 

Notice the picture is right side up? You don't want to know how many emails it takes to get it there, literally several.

Although there are a dozen or so projects I am in the middle of creating, one of the items I am desperately trying to get out in front of is our new runner collection.

Every single time we have taken them out, they sell before I can photograph them. It has been wild. So to get ahead, I spent an ENTIRE day cutting out runners, Can we say over 30 pieces? I have been able to get a few stitched up, take time to get the laces ready and actually finish up enough for the next two bridal shows coming up. AND I got a picture. I know, I can't believe it either. Looking back, I have mentioned them four times but no picture.

Ta - Da
This beauty is about 16" wide X 82", that includes the wide lace on each end. They sell for $22 and are so pretty when they are all hanging up at the end of our ladder display. Hopefully I can stay in front of the demand for them so that they make it to all our our shows.

Speaking of which, we are currently getting ready for another couple of bridal shows next week so it has been nice to break from our 'traditional' type shows. Don't fret, we return to Indy in March as well as hopefully, Ohio.

February 28, 2013 -  Munster 2013 Bridal Fair,  6PM - 9PM
                                    Centennial Park Banquet Facilities
                                   1005 S. Centennial Dr. Munster, IN   

March 3, 2013 - The OMG! Wedding, unveiled  11AM -4PM
                             Evanston Golf Club
                             4401 Dempster Street,  Skokie IL

March 9, 2013 -  Indy Arts and Vintage Market  10AM - 5PM
                            Fountains Conference Center Carmel IN
Take care, stay warm and off the snowy, icy roads. I have it on very good authority that Spring is definitely coming.

the Muze


  1. I love your new runner! Also happy to see that your pics are not sideways, I can so sympathize with this, if it wasn't for my girls showing me everything on this computer I would be in big trouble :D I am also impressed that you can come up with 80 ways to decorate a votive- you are an inspiration.

    1. Kathi
      I truly believe it is more madness than anything else! LOL!! Can't you agree?