Wednesday, May 1, 2013

"You write well" and magnolias

Hi Everyone,

These next few weeks are going to be daunting to say the least, lots of shows, lots of work needing to be done and lots of Fran Care.

The other thing I haven't written much about is a big change coming soon in our business. I hinted about it a couple of weeks ago and we will soon be making an announcement about it, but not just yet. In getting ready for 'it', on top of everything else going on, I am doing tons and tons of research. Most of it online and some of it way over my head. While I will be the first to admit I am a bit of a tech nerd, so much of it is way beyond my comprehension when it comes to the behind the scenes stuff, programming, IT and so on.

This morning I read an article about encryption and was so shocked at the end of the article that I actually understood what was being said. Now for those of you who know me, you know I am the first to reach out and thank someone for making anything I have to do easier. So I took a moment out and sent off a short email to the author of the article.

You could have knocked me over with a feather when I opened his return email. This is a professional IT person, 35 plus years, a published writer and he was grateful that I had written to say thank you. I get that part.

Then he wrote:

I visited what I believe is your blog site and it was fascinating. Everything I know absolutely nothing about. And, I see that you are one busy lady, who happens to write well. 
Kind regards, 

OMG! ! !  "who happens to write well"? I am floating on cloud nine. Thank you Michael, you made my day and I now understand about encrypting my files before I send them to the cloud. A huge win win all the way around.

Meanwhile back at the ranch, it is finally spring at my Mom's gardens. I am trying to get her outside every day, even when it isn't quite warm enough to enjoy these gorgeous babies.

Hold on to your shorts, we are back to sideways pictures, please shoot me and put me out of my misery.

Rows and rows of gorgeous jonquils, daffodils, tulips and hyacinths, all in their glory right now.

So I bundle up Fran and we go out to the gardens. Believe it or not, she is having a good time.

And then we move to the front where it is MAGNOLIA time. I wait all year long for these unbelieve works of art.
All of the trees in our area are in full bloom.
 Just hundreds and hundreds of beautiful blooms.

So while I was out enjoying floral and fauna, the DH was in the workroom working on our newest addition to our line.

For years I have had a soft spot for the hardest substance one could ask for, iron. Brackets, sconces and my all time personal favs, finials.
If it weighs more than paper, I am all for hauling it from show to show. The heavier the better, at least that is what he says! Seriously, these are going to be spectacular as accents. They will be making their debut in Indy this Saturday as we begin our outside shows in beautiful?, (it is going to rain again in) Indianapolis. Really, every single outdoor show in Indy last year was rainy and it looks like it is going to rain AGAIN on Saturday at the Glendale shopping center. Let us not break with tradition.

Oh well . . .  So is the life of an outdoor vendor.

On the road again.

May  4  2013  -  Indie Arts and Vintage BACK OUTDOORS ! ! ! Glendale Shopping Center Parking Lot, Indianapolis IN update IN THE RAIN bring your umbrellas!

May 10 - 11 2013 - Shop the Barn {boutique} Sale @ re-imagined just for you, 10545 78th Ave, Allendale, MI 49401
May  17 -18  2013  -   NA DA Farm Event  2423 South Woodlawn Road, Esmond IL 

May  24 - 25  2013  - The Vintage Farmhouse Spring Market  9180 Hunt Club Road Zionsville IN

May 26  2013  -  Allegan Antiques Market, Allegan County Fairgrounds, Allegan MI

June 1- 2 2013 - The Shabby Experience @ Michigan Antique and Collectibles Festival, Midland MI

And for everyone who has emailed me about Brilliant Reuse from JdL, we have plenty coming in, so contact me about yours today.

the Muze


  1. I would like just a fraction of your energy Susan, please tell me that it comes from lots of coffee and chocolate because I can do that!
    Your mom's flowers are lovely, we have one brave tulip that is open and everything else is smart enough to still be hiding- it is 41 this morning. Love love love the finials. Hope the Indie show surprises you with some sunshine!

    1. LOL, no coffee or chocolate, just stubborn determination I guess. Someone, somewhere must have hinted that I couldn't do it and that's all it took! ! !
      I am a bit tired these days tho . . . neeb a vacation. Come on June!