Saturday, May 18, 2013

Hearts and Tag

Hi Everyone,

Out here in the middle of nowhere, aka,  NA DA Farm, I thought I would take a second out and grab a pic of some of our newest additions. This new iPad takes pictures that can be cropped on the Pad! Yes, no more sideways pics, something I will not miss at all.

First up is the new embossed hearts I mentioned earlier. I love these on our little edged bags. Simply clip one on and spectacular gift wrap. Kinda' like spontaneous combustion for gift giving. (Guess who was up too late last night?)

 Then I made a couple of small accent tags, one stenciled and one stamped, that also made the trip.

We are praying the weather holds out, wouldn't be NA DA without some rain I guess!

I wil try to grab some pics of the new jewelry boards we finished last night as well as the new memo board.

See you at the farm,

the Muze


  1. Love your new goodies! Don't know how you guys do your show schedule, we had two shows overlapping over the last three days and I am toast. What is your secret? I hope there is chocolate and/ or coffee involved :D

    1. Kathi,
      I use bribery with G and he hasn't figured it out yet!
      Wait til you see next weekend, 2 days in Zionsville IN 186 miles, next day is Allegan MI 320+ miles away and then Midland MI another 280+ all in a span of 96 hours. That one slipped up on me and I didn't catch the mistake til too late. AND we will be gone from home for 13 days!
      Remember, no lilies I always wanted roses, lots of roses . . .


      My reward was supposed to be you guys at Midland
      :--( !