Wednesday, March 28, 2012

and then there was 5 . . .

Hi Everyone,

Well, what started out as a 'fun' new addition to our merchandise family, IT now has siblings.

Lots of family so to speak. Every time I turn out the lights, there's another one that just pops up!

Meet cousin Haywire, (I can not believe I am naming my merchandise, shoot me now)

A lovely addition consisting of the great rusted elements plus waxed hemp, a slightly wild child appeal with a definite flair for the dramatic.

Can you say life of the flirty party ? It isn't fair to pick a favorite one so I will keep moving on.

This is the muscle tassel, heavy duty appeal with strong character, A very heavy gauge of jute meets the strength of metal and there you have it, Hercules.

Such a handsome dude.

On the other side the the track are the almost twins. Earlier we met IT,
the looped muslin beauty that started this whole thing,

and here is the almost identical twin with a bit of twist, straight no loop tails. Here's Cutter, the clean cut other one.

Both 'kids' offer a very rich, stained appearance.

Such a nice complement to that wonderfully rusted tassel top. They are just so gorgeous.

Every family has that one individual that marches to their own drum. Our's is no exception, meet ET, who thinks copper is really the coolest metal ever. Hmmm, that is something we have in common.

Definitely the show off of the family

He is equal parts copper and jute, just exuding a raw energy that will prove to be a great accent to any primitive piece you happen across.

We have a huge family outing planned for Saturday and Sunday, so please head down to the Trades building at Kane County Flea Market. I will make sure all the 'kids' are on their best behavior.  LOL! we are looking forward to seeing all of you.

Our schedule for the next couple of weeks and don't forget NA DA coming May 18 -19.

March 31 & April 1  Kane County Fleas Market, Trades Building St. Charles, IL (let's all pray for warm weather as the buildings are NOT heated)

April 7 & 8    Grayslake Antique Show, Lake County Fairgrounds, Libertyville, IL

April 13, 14 & 15   Gordyville Flea Market, Gifford, IL

April 21 & 22  somewhere at a flea in WI   (details to show up soon!)

April 29    Allegan MI Antique and Flea Market

Back to work, there are so many other new things for the booth,

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  1. This is so creative! It really appeals to my sensibilities. :)

  2. Revi

    Thanks so much for stopping by and I wholeheartedly agree, paper and fabric are my sensibilities. I couldn't imagine going through life without either ! Add some rusted junk and I am golden for quite some time.


  3. Love these tassels. They would be perfect for me. The tassels I usually see are too fancy and ornate and not my style.

    1. Stephanie
      You hit the nail right on the head and I think that is why they are selling so well. A lot of gals seem to think the same way you and I do !
      Thanks for leaving the comment.

  4. I adore your new family. Thank you so much for sharing at my party. I am featuring later this afternoon. Thanks, -K

    1. Karen,
      There are going to be new additions to the family, hopefully before we get on the road again this weekend ! We'll see. LOL ! Birthing these puppies is a challenge right now !
      Thank you again for the nice mention over at
      You made my whole week !

  5. How inventive! Found you on Redoux. I just love how you used all the materials differently!



  6. Linda
    Thanks so much for visiting and a special thanks to Karen for including me. Wait til you see the next rust one, they are drying as I speak ! Stay tuned . . .