Monday, March 5, 2012

The Cold Flea

Hi Everyone,

We heard at the very last moment that we could go to the Kane County Flea Market on Saturday and Sunday this past weekend so I didn't have an opportunity to post any of the new goodies that we took with us. We needed to get there very early to get in line, which I do not understand at all, don't ask. But, here we are with 200 of our fellow market vendors waiting patiently in the frostbite cold to start unloading. And it was snowing. And it was cold, did I mention how cold? And we waited for over 2 hours, in the cold!
Rows and rows of SUV's, trucks, cars and trailers all loaded with everything imaginable under the sky.

The attendance was very large and we met a lot of new customers and saw a couple regulars as well, which we always enjoy. One lady stopped by to let me know what happened when she purchased a couple of our handmade boxes a couple of weeks ago at a different show, I had hid the smaller one her daughter had said she loved inside the one that the Mom wanted and when they got in their car to go home the Mom asked her daughter to get the box out so she could see it again. Then she told her daughter to open it and when the daughter saw her box inside that she had wanted, I guess the daughter got quite excited. Her Mom said she loves her box as well! So that makes two happy customers. Love hearing stories like that.

A couple of new items that we took with us were some new designs on our pencil or supply cans done in french script and one in yellow striped paper.

They join the other designs and made for a nice display.

I also added a new design to our slip covered journal collection. It features a stained muslin wrap over lace over our heavy brown paper cover. I thought it was beautiful.
We sold the felted heart journal and I was happy to see it go to someone who loved it as much as I did! LOL ! ! !  It is almost like seeing your kids leave home!

Our schedule for the next couple of weeks is a bit harried, grab a pencil and jot down the dates,

March 10 & 11  Grayslake Antique Show, Lake County Fairgrounds, Libertyville, IL

March 15, 16 & 17  The Barrington Antique & Garden Show, Ice House Mall, 200 Applebee Street, Barrington, IL

March 31 & April 1, Kane County Fleas Market, St. Charles, IL ( let's all pray for warm weather as the building are NOT heated)

April 7 & 8  Grayslake Antique Show, Lake County Fairgrounds, Libertyville, IL

April 13, 14 & 15 Gordyville Flea Market, Gifford, IL

Wait till I post May thru November, I don't think we have a single weekend left. Better get busy creating new things.

Til next time,
the muze

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  1. Love the yellow striped tin. Beautiful and bright makes me happy looking at it! The journal cover is gorgeous. It want to touch it and feel those luscious textures!