Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Fat furry obstacles

Hi Everyone,

I eluded last post that our show in Barrington was very successful, so much so that I spent all three days while sitting at the show, working on our wreath collection. We brought them back in to the booth at Grayslake and they started selling, really fast. And the continued selling real fast at Barrington, six of them in three days.

So I started making them in between customers and still came home empty. Needless to say, this week I am making even more wreaths before we go to Hastings.

Imagine my surprize this evening when I noticed one of our 'fur' kids was missing and went looking for Lige, our 30#plus, longhair, angora farm kitty.
Apparently, the center of an 18" wreath makes a perfect bed, after all he had his choice of three and he seems to be leaning towards the all burlap style. Glad to see he has good taste!

Well, I need to go remake a wreath, I have one that has found a new use . . . We are off to Hastings MI this weekend if the weather holds, so far they are predicting thunderstorms, but hey it's still early for the weather to change.

Rest of our schedule for the next couple of weeks:

March 24  & 25  Hastings MI (we are still hoping!)

March 31 & April 1  Kane County Fleas Market, Trades Building St. Charles, IL (let's all pray for warm weather as the buildings are NOT heated)

April 7 & 8    Grayslake Antique Show, Lake County Fairgrounds, Libertyville, IL

April 13, 14 & 15   Gordyville Flea Market, Gifford, IL

Back to work,

the muze
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