Thursday, June 6, 2013

Update for Michigan

Hi Everyone,

This is a two second post as we are headed out the door AGAIN to Benton Harbor MI for the kick off to the Harbor Market there Friday  from 11-3 at 510 Main Street Benton Harbor MI.

Our trip to Indiana and Michigan was entertaining to say the least and I will leave with this picture to ponder on.

You know you are in huge trouble when you show up to build a show in the middle of nowhere and the local inhabitants are looking at your property to build a new residence because there is SO MUCH water everywhere.
And yes the flipping picture is sideways. I have sent it to myself four times and same results everytime. I give up.

In the background of the picture you might notice tent frames on the ground. This was Tuesday, tents were supposed to be up long before that. I knew I was in deep poo-poo -ka-ka as we were running out of time quickly. 

And it kept raining.

I will post in a day or so to let you know what happened,

Til then, see you in Benton Harbor at the Harbor Market on Friday,


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