Friday, June 28, 2013

106 degrees of definite separation

Greetings and Salutations,

After spending entirely too much time recuperating from a nasty bout of strep throat, (hence the 106 degree reference),I am attempting to re-enter the work world tomorrow in Benton Harbor MI at our beloved Harbor Market. 

I may die there.

Just saying, slight chance that has yet to happen but I have felt like that for going on 13 days days. It doesn't help that it so humid and hot outside that you want to die anyway. This will be entertaining to say the least. Stay tuned.

The staff here has been so supportive of my recent illness
You know they sleep for 22 hours a day with no prompting? Oh yea, great encouragement for taking multiple naps a day.

So we will attempt to get up, get dressed and start toodling down the road about 3 AM, hate that hour lost between here and Michigan. Then on to Allegan and a full day Sunday. Two of my dear friends, Becky and Shari will be bringing their handmade jewelry to show with me in our booth so I guarantee a good time will be had by all. I will try to take pictures.

Don't bother looking for me, I will be sound asleep at the ironing board/desk as I will be long over due for a nap by then,

Till then,
the Muze

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