Sunday, June 9, 2013

Indy MIchigan recap

HI Everyone,

As promised, here are a couple of highlights and wind lights from our recent world tour.

At least that's what it felt like to us.

We started our little adventure heading to Zionsville Indiana for Nikki Winkles, A Vintage Farmhouse, Enchanted Spring Market on that first Friday and Saturday.

When we arrived on Thursday to set up, it was windy and sprinkling. Poor Nikki was a little undone and my best advice to her was, "Breathe, as long as no one is bleeding and nothing is on fire, everything will work out just fine".

I was right. The first day of the show was really good and the people that came out to see us, were so appreciative as everyone brought their A game and there was a ton of lace, pink, vintage everything and lots and lots to look at down each aisle.

We had asked Nikki if we could scoot out a bit earlier than the 4 PM close as we needed to drive over 4 hours and get into Allegan Michigan and get set back up for the second show in three days. Nikki's family had us packed and loaded in record time and we were back on the road.

After a slight mishap, missing car keys in Kokomo IN, thanks honey, we finally pulled into Allegan after 10 PM, just exhausted. Our friends Mark and Christian from Lost and Found, the best shop in Grand Rapids, MI, just saying, had called because we were not in our space and they were worried about us. They hung around and help us set up and close up for the night. Bless their hearts, such good, good friends to have.

Bright and early the next morning after 3.75 hours of sleep, 5 AM, we headed back into Allegan. put our tent back together and had our usual, busier-than-a-one-armed-paper-hanger-day! After closing, we packed up again and headed into Midland for our 8 day, work your backside off, show up set for The Shabby Experience and Industrial Way Pavilion.

By the way, we got to sleep in Monday morning, it was divine.

I don't know if I mentioned last year, but the location of our special tent pavilion is directly inside Gate 3 at Midland to the left. I was told by powers to be that this was the worse location because for 44 years folks had been coming in Gate 3, about 89% of the crowds and they ALWAYS turn to the right to start their show experience.

I changed that in one single show last June, much to everyone's surprize and much relief to me when my idea worked! Whew, what a few tense moments waiting for that crowd to start making their way down our section.

My secret? Give them something unbelievable to see.

Last year was our bed of roses, literally an entire pillow covered in full bloom gorgeous roses, remember this guy?
Well, this year I decide on doing something a bit different and it started like this . . .

Take 16 different chairs and add 16 cans of different colors of Krylon paint and you get . . .
Seriously Blogger, get your act together!

They look so much better right side up.

Then take your drop cloth
Why is this one straight up, argh!

I wanted the design student to use it as a piece of artwork, really!

After they finish drying, take them on a ride to their new home . . .
Four golf carts loaded to the brim, all with these beauties, interesting to say the least.

I will post later and show you how they ended up. Basically cuz I can not find said pictures right this second and the SOB's are probably upside down anyways.

I am so tired and need to rest a bit before we go play at the new North Shore Flea up in Highwood on Sunday. Two shows in one weekend, we are definitely certifiable . . . 

Here's the schedule:

June 9 2013  -  North Shore Flea Market, 428 Green Bay Road, Highwood IL

June 28 2013  -  Harbor Market, 519 south Main Street, Benton Harbor MI

June 30  2013  -  Allegan Antiques Market, Allegan County Fairgrounds, Allegan MI

July  6  2013  -  Indie Arts and Vintage Market,  Glendale Shopping Center Parking Lot, Indianapolis IN 

Night . . .

the Muze

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