Monday, April 16, 2012

Welcome to Michigan

Hi Everyone,

It was 2 PM on Friday afternoon and this was the scene, 
what have I gotten us into now?  

The ladder is part of our display but the dirt was part of the FLOOR in the building we showed  in Ann Arbor MI at the Ann Arbor Antique Show. We have never been to an antique show with really rare antiques and as a friend of mine asked today, "You didn't touch anything did you?" Yes, I have really great trusting friends . . .  No, I didn't touch anything nor did we buy anything, yea, sure ! I had never seen a chest of drawers for $ 12,500 before in my life. Beautiful to look at but not taking it home!

And then there was us, the burlap kids. Hmmm, think the neighbors were thrilled? Well, 1 out of four was really warm and welcoming and the other three kept questioning things, like 'coffee bean bags, are they kidding?'  It was funny to say the least.

Now the clients were a whole different story. They almost bought the fixtures as well as all the merchandise. Apparently, they really liked us, regardless of the dirt floor.

The first thing to sell out was all the new flowers in our brown paper line.

This was the new burlap rose with baby seed pearls,
just cool but my favorite was the new loopy daisy that didn't quite make past the first two hours of the show,
Yes, that is a rusted nut and pearl center, just to die for ! ! !  Officially, this flower is named after one of my good clients from the Grayslake show Heather Lowery, the HL daisy. I was working on the prototype at the show and she gave me the suggestion of the rusted nut and pearl to go along with the look of our new industrial tassel line. It was the best idea, don't you think ? So here is the HL daisy. They were gone in under two hours, guess I didn't make enough. The same story for all of the tassels I took with us. Gone . . . 

The new butterfly,
was also a huge hit.

We met so many new friends and clients, laughed a lot, ate really great meals and if it hadn't rained up a storm Sunday, we would have had an almost perfect time, sans the dirt floor.

We promised everyone we would bring the booth back there in June so we will see you all then.

In the meantime, we are taking the next weekend off the road schedule to get ready for two very  special large events. We are so honored to be included in the Indie Wed show at the Harley Davidson Museum in Milwaukee on May 10th. It is a premier bridal show  where only hand crafted artisans are allowed to present their lines, so our bridal boards are traveling to Wisconsin for that show. So I expect to see all of our Wisconsin fans, especially the brides at this show.

We have the Na Da Farm Barn Sale coming up on May 18 and May 19. Click the link for a map and directions. Like I have been telling everyone, try to make it Friday evening, 5 - 8 PM for two reasons, early bird selection of all the fabulous goodies and to experience the farm as nightfall approaches. Breathtaking is the best description. You just have to do it. This is the best event we do all year and can't wait to see everyone again, even that darn cat who loves to play in our tent at night.

So, we are creating and planning up a storm here. So many new items will be debuting for those two events as well as all of our regular stops like Grayslake Antique Show and Kane County Flea Market. Boy, I'm tired just typing that . . . . . .

Here's the rest of the shows,

April  29  Allegan MI Antiques and Flea Market, spaces 101 -102, Allegan MI

May 5 & 6   Kane County Fleas Market, Trades Building St. Charles, IL

May 12 & 13   Grayslake Antique and Garden Show, Grayslake IL

May  18 &19   NA DA Farm Barn Event, Esmond IL 


I am off to create some more, 

the muze
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