Saturday, April 7, 2012

there isn't enough burlap in the world . . .

Hi Everyone,

I am sitting in out hotel room, thank goodness, after an incredibly busy day at the Grayslake Antique show today.

The only draw back to doing an indoor show is that you do not have a tent. I love our tents. That sounds sad to type but then you have to know our tents. The walls are burlap fabric, warm, inviting and they surround you so that you do not need to see your neighbors. Hence my comments today.

I did not pay close attention to the announcement that this weekend was 'a vintage clothing show' at Grayslake. Normally, what ever promotion they are doing doesn't effect what we do . . .  until yesterday.

Our side neighbors set up before we arrived to do our set up yesterday afternoon.

This was what we saw upon arriving in our space.

All I could think was there isn't enough burlap in the world to make our booth warm and cozy with this on the side and in back of us. So let the layering begin.

After hanging our normal backdrops, we then hung extra coffee bean bags, (yet another use for these versatile items) and finally shut the vintage clothing colors out of our space. Our other neighbor, the the third side, is an industrial/primitives dealer and we always look great together. But vintage clothing, not so much. LOL! It was a heart stopper for a minute or two.

I did grab a couple of phone pics to share. Fortunately, DH grabbed the new jewelry board pic because it sold one minute after we opened. Guess what we are doing next week?

Here is the category I am going to call repurposed garden.

First up, the rake
This also sold immediately at opening, we kinda had a good day.

The shovel

love this piece!

A new  box

sorry can not get that to adjust . . .argh . . .

rainbow slipcovered journal

button heart slipcovered journal
lace heart slipcovered journal
So, just a couple of the many new items we had to show today. A great big thank you to all the friends and customers who simply stopped to say hi. It is such a cool thing and we so appreciate your time in doing so.

The pillow here is calling my name, til next time,

April 13, 14 & 15   Gordyville Flea Market, Gifford, IL

April 21 & 22  somewhere at a flea in WI   (details to show up soon!)

April  29  Allegan MI Antique and Flea Market

May 5 & 6   Kane County Fleas Market, Trades Building St. Charles, IL

May 12 & 13   Grayslake Antique and Garden Show, Grayslake IL

May  18 &19   NA DA Farm Event, Esmond IL 

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