Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Old Friends

Hi Everyone,

Well, I hate to I say I told you so . . .  Rick, but I was kinda' correct about the Wheaton Antique Show last weekend. We met some great new friends and even one great gal who fell in love with our booth and with a little bit of prompting told our show buddy Rick that hands down we were her favorite booth there. LOL!  It was fun to laugh with someone else getting so excited about our goods.

The crowd for the most part was older and very traditional but incredibly nice and talkative. We sold a couple of frames, a lot of paper elements, these sell no matter where we go it seems and chatted to everyone.

So for the next week or so, we are off the road and I am excited to be able to create. With a little planning, some sleep and time to sit at my workstation, I am hoping to introduce 7 new items for our next show. 

Here's a peek at the first one.

This is made from an old volume of Sherlock Holmes stories published in 1953. The paper has a wonderful feel to it and sews up beautifully. Add a couple of embellishments and you get yourself a very usable pouch. It measures with the linen handle about 4.25" X 8".

Wouldn't this be great for a gift card or hand written note? You could even slip jewelry inside, oh the possibilities!

The gloomy rainy weather outside wasn't the perfect help for a great picture but you can see the lace detail and the sweet accent buttons.

Out in the outdoor workshop, there is a whole lot of noise bringing to life at least 4 brand items, none of which are ready for their pictorial debut just yet. Some of us work slower than others, just kidding, not! If it does get to 50  degrees this week, who knows what we could get to doing!

My BFF, Linda the muze and I have been going at each other for about three days straight and the ideas and compositions are flying fast and furious. So stay tuned for more, what I am still formatting but I can tell you, you about to see some cool barn wood things as well as new paper items.

I am waiting on a phone call before I post our next show, we may be adding a new venue. Never a dull moment . . . 

Off to create,

the muze

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