Wednesday, February 15, 2012

The latest addition

Hi Everyone,

One of the hardest and biggest challenges of doing all these shows is keeping new fun items in the booth. As a creative mind, once I have made something, that's pretty much it's lifespan. It gets sold and I start all over again on a whole new item. Keep it fresh and appealing is the everyday law to live by for most show exhibitors in our kind of business.

That theory springs from the idea that if a customer visits us on two separate show dates, we want them to get just as excited about all the new things as they did the first time they saw us. That was proven last Sunday when a regular Grayslake customer stopped to see us. She ooh'd and ahh'd about all the 'new' butterflies that were on display since she had seen us in December and proceeded to buy several. Thank you !

The newest offering will come out in Wheaton on Saturday, I think it will be called a hanging envelopes, still not sure of the name. This is The Bird On Print
This is one of four designs, each measuring about 7" wide and with the handle about 14" high. This could be a wall hanging, a larger gift envelope, a purse or just a fun embellishment. 

Here is what I call the French Parfum Ad,
This one offers a cool copper wire handle and antique cuff buttons. It is always about the embellishments, don't you know!

Today we picked up new ceiling tiles and a HUGE box of really rusted bed springs from the picker. Hopefully tomorrow I can make a new project from them. Stay tuned !

Back to creating,

the muze

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