Monday, October 3, 2011

a wonderful Sunday in Wisconsin

Hi Everyone,

After a very long week in the rain, we finally finished up all of our items, repacked the vehicles and headed back to WI, Cedarburg to be specific.

As mentioned before, we have fallen in love with the Cedarburg area and the people we encounter. It promised to be a sun filled day for the Maxwell Street Days event and we started our journey on Saturday afternoon to take advantage of the Saturday early set up. It is so much easier on our weary and tired bodies to set up a day early and then get a good nights rest.

I thought you might want to know what goes on to get the store up and going. Here's how it happens . . . first you find your spot.

This is space 128 .
The steel marker in the ground has been there for decades and the rules state that we get 12' from that marker to our right.

Well, here's what we start with, a blank empty piece of ground. The van in the background belongs to Karen and John Hanna, real sweethearts and our great space neighbors at 129. They arrived before we did.

We back up the overloaded vehicles,
who packed all that stuff anyway ? Man, that's a alot of things . . .

Let's get going, we need a couple of tents . . . big tents, did you see all that stuff in the previous picture ?

Oh boy, we are about to get a store front (after 3+ hours and a whole lot of work). We worked until about 6 PM and then called it quits for the night.

By 5 AM the next morning, it looks like this. Complete with a very heavy coating of frost on everything, inside and out.

It is still pitch black outside and VERY cold, only 34 degrees. We woke up at our hotel in total darkness as there was an electrical outage, causing us to scurry in the dark. Can't say we looked our best this day, but on the other hand, the store looked good. We love how folks react to our note boards at the right front of the tents and of course, the huge truck full of coffee bags on the left.

The sun came out, they opened the gates at 7 AM and the crowds rushed in. We saw new customers, received great visitors and met new friends, like these ladies. Remember, it is only 8 AM in the morning,
You gotta love the Wisconsin spirit, a glass of Miller in one hand and a pitcher in the other, I think that makes any event more enjoyable! We laughed so hard with them, they love the open drinking policy at public events and we love the sights we see.

So by 5 PM, we were back to this look . . . amazing what goes on in just 24 short hours. Time to get on the road and travel South. 
The good news was we were not the last ones to pack up and leave, a little victory for us each time, we hate being the last ones to leave a venue. We will see you next Spring Cedarburg around May 28th or so.

Today back at the homefront, we started on preparing for the NA DA Farm Event this coming Friday. It promises to be spectacular and we couldn't be more honored to be included. So much work to finish in so little time.

Back to creating . . .

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  1. Love your stories! Wish I was there with you enjoying the sites and stories together! On the other hand it is nice to still NOT be wearing gloves! The South does have some advantages. ;)