Thursday, October 27, 2011

getting ready

Hi Everyone,

It has been very quiet here on the blog front as my very stained fingertips have been elsewhere, creating.

Several months ago, my BFF Linda the muze and I were fortunate enough to spend a couple of days together and attend a little resource show called CHA in Chicago at the Rosemont Convention Center.

Basically, it's like feeding drugs to an addict. The product offering and ideas are so overwhelming, your senses are on an overload of no comparison and the entire time you are on the setting, rush.

But, you come away with new goodies and a million ideas at least. Both of us took pictures and journaled while we went through with the grand expectations of remembering a fraction of some of the things we saw.

One of our successes has been these great altered boxes we designed. The only catch has been that they do not last past one show, so if I forget to photograph them, these babies are history. That and they are not the quickest thing to make. It would help if I was the patient type.

So for the last few days, I have been finishing up several and gotten them ready for their Wisconsin debut this weekend.

Here is a neutral one, it is the large size, about 4"W by 12"L done in just paint and gauze.

and they do not photograph well either. Or could it be the photographer, probably the better guess. Guaranteed the better guess.

This box has an amber glass handle and handmade gauze rose tag to finish it off. It is really beautiful in person, I promise to work on the photography thing.

The next one is very dark, all shades of deep chocolate chip, with a partial stained gauze covering. This gauze washed out to almost a deep rose/purple color in certain sections, just luscious.

It is the small size, about 2.5 W X 9.5 L with cute feet, I do have a thing for cute feet that's for sure.

the fun tag

and the cute feet and all the beautiful
color on the stained gauze

The last one I am sharing is a combination of soft greens and blues with a really cool antique backplate and glass door knob for a handle.

It is the medium size box, about 3.5 W X 10.5 L and the papers are really soft and worn  in appearrance.

Hopefully, these will do well in Waukesha this weekend.

Better go pack and get ready, Til next week . . .

the muze
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  1. i love that last box with the antique back plate and the glass knob!!! and i love your trees made out of hymnal pages too... such a great idea! your stuff is amazing and i want to visit you again soon (and sell right next to you- we'd have a blast). :D