Friday, March 22, 2013

Shhh! Don't tell anyone . . .

that we completely snuck out from work and had a great night off last night!

Hi Everyone,

We will just blame these folks . . .
That's Jimi, Kimberly, Phillip and Karen known to all in country music as Little Big Town. They just happened to be visiting a mile and a half from my home so I thought I would surprise my DH and wonderful hard working sister with excellent seats to go see and hear the magnificent harmonizing vocals this group has to offer. Unbelievable voices that could harmonize over the phone book I swear.

We were checking in over 10,000 lavender stems that arrived very late yesterday and I then persuaded Candy and George to go to dinner. I surprised them at dinner with the news that they were going to go hear LBT for the evening. Sure beat bundling lavender for the market next week !

So we are a bit exhausted today but it was so worth the fun evening and the beautiful music we got to hear for almost 2 hours. These folks put on a fantastic show and I am so glad they stumbled off the beaten path our way. 

Thanks guys, you were superb and I so needed the night out,

the Muze

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  1. I was just thinking I needed some bulk lavender, but not that much! Bet it smells wonderful at your house. So glad to hear you got a night off- you deserve it- and several more.