Friday, March 29, 2013

Look what I found!

Hi Everyone,

We are in real deep in the creation/assembly/producing end of things, getting ready for the 11 or so weeks on the road swing about to start, so I am going to keep this quick.

Had to share what I spied today, look at these beauties nestled in remainders of fall foliage . . .
Mother Nature is up to some new trick or the neighborhood squirrels are, one of the two are (my money is on the squirrels, they are really crafty) because I have never planted crocus anywhere other than out around our big ash tree in the front, about 140 yards away from this spot, BEHIND the house. I was amazed to see their beautiful color poking out but welcome them with open arms. The picture doesn't do them justice, the color is so deep and rich.

Spring really is coming our way, I truly thought it was a cruel joke seeing snow last week but these little buggers made their way through.

We have a cool announcement coming about a really special event that we have been invited to and I will get the details out once it has been officially announced on the host end of things, so stayed tune, this one is pretty cool.

Til then, it's back to work,

the Muze

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  1. my money is on the squirrels too! we have random tulips all over our yard that i have never planted. a smart man pointed out that is was their way of thanking me for for throwing my apple cores and bread ends their way.