Sunday, December 2, 2012

Sweet Louisville

Hi Everyone,

This past weeekend we found ourselves rubbing elbows with the charming and hospitalible folks in Louisville Kentucky.

We were showing at the Winter Fare at TJUC and were OUTDOORS ! ! ! ! yes, it was a balmy 61 degrees and sunny, a great day to be out enjoying art.

As per our usual expectations, I always feel we are the 'unexpected party guest' at these events. Inside the building were the 'artists' , sculpturers, weavers, jewelers and woodworkers. So, by the time they got outdoors, the reactions were hands down hysterical at times.

We were overwhelmed by the kindness and charming visitors who graced our little world. One of our customers was so sweet to return to our booth the following day and present us with an actual horseshoe from the Kentucky Derby. It is so cool and has a story card to go with it. We got invited to lunch and dinner at two different homes, so we are definitely planning on visiting again. Such a great time.

Several new journals made their debut at this show as well.

Again, I can not get the pictures to post correctly, this is beyond frustration at this point. I am so sorry.
This lace and jeweled book turned out so aged looking, a bit of a vintage feel as well. What would lace be without a few beautiful pearls to boot?

We also have a few new smaller blackboards that found new homes, sweet additions to desks or childrens rooms as well.
We are trying to firm up the rest of our year but do know for sure we will be in Grand Rapids at the first of next year at the DeVos center for the Antiques Show. Let's hope the snow stays to a minimum.

I promise to post the rest of the schedule soon. Just not enough hours right this second !

the muze

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