Wednesday, May 23, 2012

overload or recovery? I haven't the slighest idea!

Hi Everyone,

Not exactly sure where the time has flown by this week, but I am positive it had something to do with sheer exhaustion and being worn out from being in the sun for three days. It isn't fun getting old.

Na Da, just mentioning the name makes me smile. As we expected the setting was drop dead perfect. We arrived around lunch time to set up and also, just as expected, the prairie winds arrive shortly there after. I remembered from last year that in the afternoon, the winds pick up quite high and then settle down in late afternoon. The winds help keep the heat to a manageable level believe it or not.

So we worked feverishly to get set up, display new goodies and get ready for the crowd. And it came just as expected.

People laugh when I explain directions to this event and say, drive, drive, drive and you see hundreds of cars, stop, you are here, because this is what you see,
and if you have cars, you have customers waiting at the gates,
This last picture was snapped 50 minutes before we opened the gates. They waited out in the sun all that time, which just amazes me every year.

Then they let them in and they started shopping . . .

A couple of things that got their picture taken before they got snatched up, thanks Candy!, were the new journals, glitter pins and votive hangers.

First the new slip covered journals,

and all sorts of new colors in our glitter pins, we can't keep these babies in stock! More new colors next week making their debut at Allegan,

We recently were able to get a hold of a bag of glass resistors from old telephone poles and used them in a couple of great ways. Love these hanging votives,

Next time, I will feature the four legged friends from Na Da that made us smile as well as the best behaved children we ever encounter all year long,

In the meantime, the road calls,

May  27   Allegan Antique Market, Allegan County Fairgrounds, Space 136, Allegan MI

June  2 & 3    Kane County Flea Market, South Trades Building, Space 28, St. Charles, IL

June  8 & 9  Northwind Perennial Farm Antique Garden Show, Burlington, WI

June 13   North Shore Flea, in conjunction with the Highwood Farmers Market, Highwood

June 16 & 17  Ann Arbor Antique Market, Ann Arbor, MI

Back to creating,

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  1. Loving those journals and hanging votives! Wonderful new items!