Monday, October 29, 2012

By the grace of God and really great friends

Hi Everyone,

Just when I thought we were back on schedule a few bumps, literally got in our way.

Mine involved 7 staples after a nasty head meets door frame incident on our way to Indianapolis three weeks ago and then George had to one up me with his attempt at a 'widow maker', the worst of all heart attacks last Saturday after NA DA Farm Event. Just when I thought our life was all over, he came through with not as much as a blip on his EKG. The cardiologist refers to him as the 'luckiest bastard he knows'. I have been signing emails all week with 'still here George'. I still get a chuckle over that one. and thanks for the anniversary gift darling, next year, skip the gift of two complimentary nights at your local hospital!

So, when we decided to go ahead and try to do our show this weekend, I really learned what unbelievable friends we have. The majority of them responded with 'what can we do to help' and that was very touching to receive that kind of response. We couldn't believe the outpouring.

And then there was Michelle from Reimagined just for you and her incredible family.

When we did the Midland MI show in September, I got to know some of her amazing children and admire her work.

This was one of my all time favorite pieces she showed.

Her work is just beautiful. But what is truly amazing are her 9, count them 9 incredible children.

Friday when we arrived at our show, because George is on a no lift restriction, really? geessh !, Michelle and Brian and 6 of the 9 children drove an hour each way to help us unload and set up. Then on Sunday, arrived with 8 of the 9, Joshua, Luke, Isaiah, Victoria, Sarah Grace, Isabella, Josiah and the one I really wanted to take home as a souvenir, Elijah. Each one pitched in and we set an all time record for getting packed up and on the road in 45 minutes! This normally takes us a minimum of 1.5 hours on a really good day. George and I talked about it all the way home, how blessed we are to have such generous good friends and that we got to enjoy these wonderful children. I tried several times to somehow steal Elijah away but Michelle caught on early and kept rescuing him from my grasp.

So to the entire Gryzbowski family, you are absolutely the best friends we could have asked for. So generous and so helpful, we truly would have had to miss the show if not for you and all your help. Thank you again from the bottom of our hearts. May we someday be able to return your generosity.

I had made several new things to show and only got one photographed, so sorry. Been a little distracted you think ?

This is one of our new shabby pouches, a burlap drawstring pouch that has so many possibilities.

I will try to get some of the other shot this week. The other picture I want to share is of Mamie, our absolutely weirdest animal ever.

Every Monday morning I have to get our deposits and funds for our cash box organized and settled. Mamie will break her neck to be in the middle of it every time.
Can't you just her her saying it's mine all mine? George says it is in her female DNA to natural search out the cash. I just think she is hysterically funny and flat out the strangest cat we have ever had.

We have some really great shows coming up. Stop by and say hi.

Here's the details;

November  2 - 4    Lycee Francais de Chicago Market, Chicago IL

November  9 - 11  Decorate! ! ! at Hawthorne Hill Farm New Berlin WI

November 17  TBA

November  24 Indie Vintage & Art Market, Carmel IN      INDOORS! Yea

Back to creating and trying to catch my breath,

the muze
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